Cemeteries in Seneca County, N.Y.

What you see below is what we have available on our site, and were posted between 1997 and 2007. Many of them were donated by Betty Auten, former Seneca County Historian.

Find A Grave - currently has listings for 91 cemeteries & burial locations in Seneca County NY. There may be burials that we don't have on our "antique lists" and vice versa.


GPS County Cemeteries

Alms House Cemetery, Fayette

Bauer Farm, Waterloo

Samuel Bear Cemetery, Waterloo

Partial listing of burials in Bethel Cemetery, Covert

Black Brook (also known as Fox Cemetery), Seneca Falls

Bridgeport Cemetery, Seneca Falls

Burgh Cemetery, Fayette

Canoga Cemetery, Town of Fayette

Abram Covert Farm Cemetery, Ovid - contains photos of tombstones

Dobbins Cemetery, Waterloo

Evans Corner Cemetery, Tyre

Hubbard Cemetery, Junius

Jerusalem Cemetery, Fayette

Kendaia Cemetery

Lakeview Cemetery Index, Interlaken

History of Lakeview Cemetery, Interlaken

Lancaster Cemetery, Willard

"Lost" Cemetery a.k.a. Old Dutch Church Cemetery

A Pioneer Cemetery, Seneca Falls, NY

Old Burial Ground, Lodi

Old Cemetery near the Ovid Dump

Old Ovid Cemetery, Ovid

Ovid Street Cemetery (old), Seneca Falls

Quaker Cemetery, Waterloo

Friends' Cemeteries & Quaker Settlement Cemetery - Hector and Ulysses, former towns that are currently in Tompkins County, NY

Restvale Cemetery, Seneca Falls - a very partial listing.

Sheldrake Cemetery, Ovid

Springbrook Cemetery, Seneca Falls [also known as Metcalf Cemetery]

Southwick Cemetery, Junius

Stark Street Cemetery, Village of Waterloo - partial listing only, surnames L - T.

Stevenson Plot, Sheldrake, Town of Ovid

Traver Cemetery, Tyre - Armitage Family listings only

Unamed cemetery, Romulus a.k.a. David Covert Cemetery

Van Vleet Farm Cemetery - located on the present-day grounds of Sampson State Park.

Robert Wooden Family Cemetery, Waterloo

Wooden and Nicholson Cemeteries, Junius



Find A Grave - currently has listings for 91 cemeteries & burial locations in Seneca County NY.

The site coordinators would have no idea if listings for particular cemeteries are complete or accurate.

Stark Street Cemetery - Town of Waterloo

Political Graveyard - Seneca County, NY - click to find out where former Seneca County politicians and political activists are buried, throught the United States


List of cemeteries from the Seneca County Historian's Office, with locations.

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