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Dobbins Cemetery

Waterloo, Seneca County, NY

"This is a small cemetery in the Town of Waterloo located on the Old Preemption Road south of Rte 96. It is in good shape and nicely-kept. Some stones are quite worn and some a bit overgrown. It was read by me and my granddaughter during the summer of 1997." - Darwina Michael

Note: Items in [ ] are from an older (1980) listing from this cemetery. Please see the credits at end of this listing.

ABBOTT: Henry; no dates
Ellen, wife of Henry Abbott; d 3 Feb 1900; ae 55y

ALDRICH: Frances, wife of Stephen Vaughn; (see Vaughn)

ATCHINSON: Emily A.; d 1907

AWOOD: Charles; Cpl Co D 47th NYV; no dates

BAKER: Carrie M., dau of William and Jennie Baker;d 1 Nov 1891; ae 16y

BEARD: Caroline Millard, wife of William Beard; d 28 Aug 1887; ae 79y

BILLS: Betsey Garrison Bills, wife of Thomas Bills (see Garrison)
Mary, wife of Daniel Parish; 1841-1924 (See Parish)

BISHOP: Olhey M.; 1897-1913
In same plot with Bishop: stone reading infant Ronnie 1935
William J. 1901-1981
Cora M. 1873-1963 (same stone with James F.)
James F. 1869-1959
Dorothy 1909-1952
John A. 1906-1982

BOYES: Hannah, wife of John Boyes; d 10 Jan 1853; ae 80 yrs.

BRIGNALL: William; 1846-1925
Amanda C. Moshier, wife of William Brignall;1851-1931
Mary, wife of Stephen Brignall; b Kent Co. England 7 Oct 1812; d 29 Mar 1889
Charles F., son of Mary & Stephen Brignall; 1853-1905
Eliza Vanness, wife of Charles F. Brignall; 1855
[Stephen, b. Kent, England Jan. 29, 1822; d. Feb. 18, 1888, 66 y., 20 d.]
[Mary, dau. of William and Amanda C., d. Sept. 26, 1877, 1 yr. 5 mo.]

BRYANT: Edwin; b 23 Mar 1834; d 7 Sep 1902
Eunice J.; b 28 Nov 1838; d 9 Mar 1903

BURTCH [BURTSCH]: Robert W.; 1860-1929
Hattie F. Minns, wife of Robert W. Burtch; 1878-1923
Raymond R. b 18 Feb 1904; d 11 Nov 1988; Sgt. U. S. Army World War II

BUTTS: Myruna [Myron A.]; 1851-1910

CARY: George E. (Father) 1863-no date
Jonathan (?) son of George & M. A. Cary; 1893-1909
Gladys May (Daughter) 1904-1954
Mary Ann (Mother) 1875-1918
[C. Myrtle Whitlock, 1893-1909, dau. of George F. and M.A.]

CHASE: Lorena J. (see Moshier)

CHESLEY: Jehiel; d 5 Apr 1864; ae 51y-4m-18d
Almira, wife of Jehiel; d 15 Aug 1842
Phebe, wife of J. Chesley; d 12 Oct 1850; ae 66y-25d
Jonathan; d 30 Jan 1863; ae 78y-4m-21d; Veteran War of 1812
Herschel D.[B.], son of J & A Chesley; d 28 Nov 1836; ae 8m-10d
Chauncey C., son of J & A Chesley; 1841; ae 7m-5d
Ellaboena [Ella Roena], dau of Joel [Jehiel] and Mary Chesley; d 5 Feb 1863; ae 12y

CHURCH: William; Private Co I, 126th Rgmt. NY Volunteers Inf.; d 19 Feb 1906; ae 66y
Eddie, son of W H & M A Church; ae 2y-5m (no death date)

COLYER: Eleanor (see John P. Patrick)

COOK: Henry J.; 1818-1904
Sarah Hillman, wife of Henry J. Cook; 1818-1876

[COOKE, Howard L., infant son of Henry and Carrie; b. Mch. 20, 1880, d. Aug. 25, 1880]

COOPER: Oren G. [Orin S.]; 1871-1944

COVERT: Catherine, wife of Peter Van Epps (see Van Epps)

DADSON: George; no dates
Elizabeth; no dates

DEMING: James C.; d 16 Jan 1870; ae 45y
Helen 1872-19 (no further inscription) same stone with Frank and Mable
Frank; 1865-1937
Mable 1891-1905

DEVOLL [De Voll]: Anne [Anne E.], wife of J. R. Devoll; b 4 Apr 1820; d Sep 13, 1898
Joseph R.; b 15 Oct 1818; d 23 Mar 1877
Levi; 1849-1929
Theresa, wife of Levi Devoll; 1860-1921
[George L., 1889-1048]
DICKERSON: Mary G. [Gertrude], dau of Hugh and A. Gertrude Fulton; 1867-1935

DILMAN: Bertha Parish Dilman; (see Parish)

DOBBIN: William W.; d 26 July 1841; ae 49y-6m-6d
Julia Ann, wife of William Dobbin; b 30 July 1796; d 12 Feb 1860
Caroline, dau of William and Julia Dobbin; d 13 Jan 1858;ae 20y-8m-8d
Henry W.; d 4 Nov 1846; ae 25y-9m-15d
A. Gertrude, wife of Hugh Fulton (see Fulton)
D. G. 1835-1911
Alice Roberts, wife of D. G. Dobbin; 1843-1903
Elizabeth, wife of Daniel G. Dobbin; b 1 July 1832; d 19 Mar 1860
Henry W.; d 28 Mar 1816; ae 19y-7m-18d
Hugh W.; d 20 Sep 1858; ae 88y-7m-13d; Veteran of War of 1812
Margaret, wife of Hugh; d 1 Mar 1814; ae 46y-11m-12d
Maria, dau of Hugh Dobbin; b 2 Oct 1806; d 2 Feb 1891
Edwin R. Dobbin; d 21 June 1873; ae 55y-1m
Daniel, son of (illegible); ae 5y [son of Wm. W. & Julia Ann.]

EASTON: Elizabeth, wife of Robert Ridley; b in Sussex Co. England 6 Aug 1816; d 16 Oct 1876

EDINGTON: Emma Jane Carrie 1860-1901

EDWARDS: Jane M., wife of (?) Edwards; d 5 Nov 1856 ae 22y-2m-19d

FINN: Mary M.; 1815-1853
William S. 1814-1905

FULTON: Hugh 1839-1922
A. Gertrude Dobbin, wife of Hugh; 1840-1920
Mary G., wife of (?) [earlier listing also says wf. and says "also an infant son"] Dickerson, dau of Hugh & Gertrude Dobbin (see Dickerson)
George W., 1881-1957

GARRISON: Betsey E.; wife of Thomas Bills; b 16 July 1807;d 15 Dec 1891

GIBBS: Thomas, d 4 Nov 1846; ae 69y-9m-23d

[GITTENS, William, d. Sept. 17, 1867, 79 yr.]
[Mary, d. Feb. 28, 1864, 82 yr.]

GOODSON: Robert; d 17 July 1869; ae 42y
Robert G., son of R & A Goodson; d 2 Oct 1863

GRAY: Sarah, wife of John Tullett; (see Tullett)

GREY: Charles S.; 1862-1937
Amelia Goodson, wife of Charles S. Grey; 1863-1954
Ruby, Neva, Willie; children of Charles S. Grey

HILLMAN: Sarah, wife of Henry J. Cook; (see Cook)

HOLLAND: Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Holland; dau of Robert and Elizabeth Easton Ridley; b in Sussex Co. England 19 Jan 1835; d 19 Sep 1886; ae 51y-8m

HOWLAND Eunice, wife of Edwin M. Howand; d 5 Mar 1849; ae 20y-10m-19d

HOWELL: Hattie, wife of Habia G. Howell, dau of William and M. E. Robinson; d 12 Feb 1860; ae 20y-1m-8d

JENKS: Henry; b 7 Dec 1838; d 7 Sep 1907
Mary E. Lynch, wife of Henry; b 8 Nov 1838; d 28 Sep 1908

KAUFMAN: Herbert M.; 1886-1938

LANE: Charles Arthur; 1865-1919
Helen Weatherly Lane; 1849-1928
William; d 1 Mar 1856 ae 68y-2m-4d

LYBOLT: Jacob; d 15 Mar 1865; ae 84y
Lydia; d 5 Dec 1849; ae 58y

LYNCH: Mary E., wife of Henry Jenks (see Jenks)
Andrew J.; d 5 Jan 1889; ae 55y-7m-8d
Lodesky Starkweather, wife of Andrew J. Lynch; d 12 Feb 1880; ae 33y

MANWARING: Ruth Ridley, wife of Reuben Manwaring; 1849-1860
Reuben; 1845-1926
Mary F.; 1861-1946
Thomas; 1876-1896
Eliza M.; 1883-1884
Edith; 1879-1879
Susanna M.; 1895-1897

MARVIN: Harriet; d 2 Mar 1883; ae 71y

MILLARD: Albert; 1842-1914
Caroline, wife of William Beard; (see Beard)

MINNS: Hattie F., wife of Robert W. Burtch; (see Burtch)

[MITH, Daniel, d. June 4, 1872, 73 y.]

MOSHIER: Amanda C., wife of William Brignall
Henry M. 1826-1907
Ann Eliza, wife of Henry M.; 1831-1905
(Same stone as Henry and Ann Eliza) Lorena J. Chase 1866-1901

NEWEL: Margaret, wife of Isaac Van Epps; d 13 Apr 1853; ae 22y-9m-5d
Isaac, son of Isaac & M. Van Epps; d 5 May 1853; ae 35d

NORRIS: Florence; 1868-1940

NORTHAM: Annie, wife of Silas J. Wilson (see Wilson)
[Ida A., d. Mch. 8, 1862, 4 y., 8 m., dau. of A.H. and B.A. Northam]
PARISH: Daniel; 1832-1907; Co G, 141st Rgmt. NY Volunteers
Grover, son of D. W. & C. L. Parish; 1886-1908
Lewis; Co I, 148th NY Inf.; no dates
Chester W.; 1904-1930
Bertha Parish Dilman; Aug 1880-Jan 1921
Mary Bills, wife of Daniel (see Bills)
Lillian 1899-1910

PATRICK: Arthur; 1868-1935
Martha H. Vernon, wife of Arthur Patrick; 1866-1939
Sarah; 1890-1918; daughter of Arthur and Martha Patrick
John P. Sr.; 1832-1922
Eleanor Colyer, wife of John P. Sr.; 1839-1921
[Colyer, Robert, 1805 - 1881]
William R.; 1860-1946
Sarah Jane Grey, wife of William R.; 1859-1937

[PROSSER, George and Flossie, (no dates)]

RIDLEY: Robert; b in Sussex Co. England 29 Aug 1808; d 9 Sep 1878
Elizabeth, wife of Robert Ridley; see Easton
Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Holland; see Holland
James Z.; 1852-1933
Frances J., wife of James Z. Ridley; 1856-1922
William E.; 1881-1911

ROBERTS: Alice, wife of D. C. Dobbin; (see Dobbin)

ROBINSON: Hattie (see Howell)

ROUNDY: John; (dates not readable) [ Little Johnny, only son of Wilson & Cynthia, d. Apr. 18, 1856, ae. 6 mo.]

SCOTT: John, son of John and Jennie Scott; d 15 Feb 1892; ae 8m-15d

SEXTON: Edna May, little daughter of John and Laura 1926-1929

[SIMS, William Orin, Aug. 19, 1894 - Mch. 11, 1895]

SMITH: John, d 21 July 1865; ae 1865
Catherine, wife of John Smith; d 26 Sep 1869; ae 71y
William A.; b 29 Feb 1864; d 5 June 1904
Daniel; d 4 June 1872; ae 73y
Charlie, son of J. R. & T.; d 19 June 1881 ae 4y
June F.; b 18 June 1932; d 20 Jan 1993
Wyatt C.; b 5 Jan 1856; d 10 June 1975
Jesse J. 1894-1948
Infant son of E. P. and B. J. Smith; d 5 July ____(illegible)

[SOULE, Our Little Roscoe, son of S.F. & C.A. ae. 2 y., 3 m., 7 d. (no dates)]

STARKWEATHER: Lodesky, wife of Andrew J. Lynch (see Lynch)

TULLETT: John; 1814-1909
Sarah Gray, wife of John Tullett; 1824-1897

TUSCH: Elizabeth A.; b 25 Mar 1914; d 13 Sep 1917

VAN EPPS: Margaret (see Newel)
Peter; d 7 Dec 1868
Catherine Covert , wife of Peter Van Epps; d 20 Jun 1873; ae 80y; children: John, Catherine, Abram, Margaret, and Isaac

VANNESS [VAN NESS]: James H.; d 30 May 1891; ae 64y-9m-7d
Lemira E., wife of James H. Vanness; d 20 Jan 1899; ae 75y-5m-4d
Eliza; wife of Charles F. Brignall; (see Brignall)

VAUGHN: Charles; 1870-1943
Jennie Weed, wife of Charles Vaughn; 1869-1933
Stephen; 1834-1921
Frances E. Aldrich, wife of Stephen Vaughn; 1835-1917
Elizabeth, dau of Stephen & Frances; 1861

VERNON: Martha H., wife of Arthur Patrick (see Patrick)

WEED: Jennie, wife of Charles Vaughn; (see Vaughn)

WEATHERLY: John b in Kent Co. England 21 Dec 1807; d 8 Mar 1881
Margaret Lambert Wetherly, wife of John; b Hexham England 16 July 1803; d 5 Feb 1888

[WEST, Walden, son of Lyman and Ruth, b. Mch. 8, 1821, d. Mch. 17, 1867]

WILSON: Silas J.; 1854-1918
Annie Northam, wife of Silas J. Wilson; 1851-1927
Bertha, dau of Silas & Annie Wilson; 1886-1887
Henry, son of Silas & Annie Wilson; 1889-1889

WOOD: Charles A. Wood; Corporal Co D; NY Volunteers (no dates)
Charley F., son of John & Eliza Wilson; d 29 July 1875; ae 4y-9m [This was listed in the older listing with a WILSON surname]
[George S., 1882-1949]
[Lena B., 1884-1957]

WOODEN: Jane, wife of Henry Wooden; d 9 July 1849 ae 29y-3m-9d
Roxanna, dau of H S & J Wooden; d 10 Sep 1845; ae 1y-3m-10d
David T., son of H S & J Wooden; d 5 Sep 1849; ae 3y-2m
Elizabeth, wife of James Wooden; d 12 Jan 1857; ae 77y-1m-7d

Credit: The major portion of this cemetery was read by Darwina Michael and her granddaughter in the summer of 1997. A 1980 listing by Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Dows was transcribed in 1986 with the comment "Dobbin Cemetery is located in the Town of Waterloo, Seneca County, New York at the intersection of Pre-Emption and Packwood Roads. Still used, well maintained." This list was originally typewritten. The discrepancies are noted in Darwina's list by [ ]. In some cases these are slightly different readings of letters or are inscriptions that are not on Darwina's list. I did find that Darwina's list had quite a few inscriptions that were not on the earlier reading.

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