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[Title Page] Holman's Edition
The Holy Bible
containing the Old and New Testaments,
Translated out of The Original Tounges,
and with
The former translations diligently compared and revised;
with Complete Concordance,
Embracing every passage of Scripture in the largest editions Apocraypha and Psalms.
Philadelphia: A. J. Holman & Co., No. 1222 Arch Street 1883

We believe the Bible was presented to Mary Catherine Peterson and Dewitt Clinton Bassette at the time of their marrige in 1887. The dates for their births and for the parents' births and marriages were entered at that time. With some exception most events occured in the Town of Covert, Seneca County, New York. All burials are at Lake View Cemtery, Interlaken, Seneca County, NY. Some members of the family dropped the final 'e' from the Bassette name.

Mary Jane Wintersteen March 18, 1834
Abram D. Peterson January 24, 1830
Mary R. Wheeler September 5, 1827
Jared B. Bassette September 28, 1824
Mary Catherine Peterson September 30, 1863
Dewitt Clinton Bassette August 28, 1859

Harold D. Bassette May 12, 1889
Myron W. Bassette October 22, 1892
Dewitt Clinton Bassette Jr. August 13, 1899
Lemuel J. Bassette October 15, 1901
Francis P. Bassette May 7, 1908
Margaret F. Stone March 9, 1893
Arthur Stone Bassette October 23, 1909
Mary Catherine P. Bassette April 5, 1911
Jim Wheeler Bassette September 25, 1913
Myron W. Bassette Jr. November 15, 1916
Leland F Bassette September 7, 1922
Jared Franklin Bassette June 25, 1923

Mary J. Wintersteen June 25, 1901
Abram D. Peterson December 20, 1904
Mary R. Wheeler June 18, 1900
Jared B. Bassette June 17, 1894

Harold D. Bassette October 1, 1890
Mary P. Bassette July 16, 1920 [age 9 years]

D. Clinton Bassette February 13, 1941
Mary Catherine Bassette August 15, 1949
Myron W. Bassette September 15, 1961
Lemuel J. Bassett April 30, 1982
Dewitt C. Bassette May 1, 1983
Leland F. Bassette July 29, 1985
Francis Peterson Bassett October 28, 1992

Mary J. Wintersteen and Abram D Peterson September 22, 1852
Mary R. Wheeler and Jared B. Bassette January 17, 1849
Mary C. Peterson and Dewitt C. Bassette October 6, 1887
Margaret F. Stone and Myron W. Bassette March 3, 1909
Edna May Predmore and Dewitt C. Bassette Jr. November 30, 1919
Alice Burlingame and Lemuel J. Bassette June 29, 1926
Marian Colgate VanVleet and Francis P. Bassette January 4, 1930

On an additional sheet of paper:
Catherine Ada Bassett born May 6, 1930
Richard Jay Bassett born January 17, 1932
Betty Ann Bassett born April 3, 1934
Jane Elizabeth Bassett born June 4, 1942
Alice Marie Bassette born September 30, 1943

This listing was provided by Diane Bassette Nelson

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