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First Baptist Church of Farmer

Town of Covert, Seneca County, NY

Source: "Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96", compiled and published by the Courier Printing Co., Seneca Falls, NY 1896.

      In the year 1819, a colony from Covert Baptist church-mother of churches, was set aside to organize a Baptist church at Farmerville, (now, Farmer, N. Y.). The first pastor of the infant church was John Lewis, whose pastorate began in 1820 and continued to 1824. Eighteen devoted pastors, including the present incumbent, have given their services to this church. Most of these now "rest from their labors and their works do follow them." Notable pastorates in the church have been the following: That of Rev. Wm. McCarthy, 1846-1851, who conducted several "protracted meetings" as they were then called, which added greatly to the numerical and spiritual strength of the church. Under the pastoral care of the Rev. J. Byington Smith, D. D., 1860-1866, now of Saratoga Springs, N. Y.,--one of the few remaining ex-pastors, the present beautiful and commodious house of worship was built. He was a man of broad, sound scholarship, of genial, kindly spirit and evangelical type of earnest piety. His pastorate was blessed richly of God and he is still held in affectionate remembrance by the people. Last in the list of ex-pastors and of notable pastorates, stands that of the Rev. Lewis Halsey, D. D., now of Oswego, N. Y., who for 18 years had the honor of "dividing the word of truth" to this people. At several different periods, during Dr. Halsey's pastorate, the church was prepared by his faithful labors for, and enjoyed seasons of precious revivals under the lead of such evangelist as the Rev. E. G. De Witt, D. D., and Rev. S. Hartwell Pratt, D. D. During and after such meetings, many united with the church. The pastorate of Rev. M. H. Coleman , who followed Rev. Dr. Halsey, has lasted four years and still continues. This church has always been richly blest in the unusual number of men who have been interested in its devotional meetings, which are of deep spirituality.

List of Members.
In order as printed.

Abbott, Christiana Mrs.
Austin, Jehiel
Austin, Ann Mrs.
Austin, Ansel P.
Auten, Arthur D.
Auten, Nellie B.
Ayers, Sarah Mrs.
Bassett, Matilda Mrs.
Bassett, Wheeler A.
Bassett, Agnes Mrs.
Bassett, Mary W. Mrs.
Bassett, Clinton D.
Bassett, Samuel
Bassette, Frances Mrs.
Bassette, Anna Miss
Bassette, Mary Miss
Bennett, Lucinda Mrs.
Bennett, Julia A.
Bennett, Monroe C.
Bennett, Anna Mrs.
Bergen, Mary M. Mrs.
Bergen, Flora A. Mrs.
Bills, John C.
Bills, Julia Mrs.
Bills, Irma H.
Bills, Wm. E.
Bills, Sarah A.
Blauvelt, Francis
Blauvelt, Francis Mrs.
Blauvelt, Willis
Blauvelt, Lucinda Mrs.
Bloomer, John S.
Bloomer, Carrie C. Mrs.
Bloomer, Hiram
Bloomer, Hiram Jr.
Bloomer, Fanny F. Mrs.
Bogart, George Y.
Bogart, Geo. Mrs.
Bogart, Louis C.
Bogart, Mill C Mrs.
Bogart, Elizabeth Mrs.
Boorom, W.W.
Boorom, Sarah J.
Boorom, Stelia
Boorom, Curtis W.
Boorom, Jacob
Boorom, Nancy S. Mrs.
Burch, Henry
Burch, Ida Mrs.
Burdick, Arminda Mrs.
Burdick, Louis
Bush, Maryetta
Baldridge, Gertrude C.
Baldridge, Lillian C.
Boorum, Nellie Mrs
Bell, Ellen W., Mrs.
Blauvelt, Lucinda Mrs.
Bell, Joseph
Brokaw, Gennie
Bunn, Alice
Boorum, Honer
Boorum, Addison
Boorum, Mae S. Mrs
Boorum, Alton J.
Boorum, Arthur
Boorum, Matthew H. Mrs
Boorum, Nellie Mrs
Boorum, Anna
Bradley, Burr
Bradley, Samantha Mrs.
Bradley, Wm. R.
Bradley, LeRoy C.
Bradley, John F.
Bradley, Estella Mrs.
Brokaw, Elizabeth C. Mrs.
Brokaw, Minor C.
Brokaw, Abram C.
Brokaw, Jennie
Brooks, Matilda Mrs
Brooks, Arthur H.
Brown, Helen Mrs.
Bunn, Stella
Case, Dewitt
Case, Dewitt Mrs.
Case, Phoebe Mrs.
Case, Homer C.
Case, Hattie Mrs.
Chadwick, John M.
Chadwick, Jennie R. Mrs.
Chadwick, George M.
Chadwick, Emma L.
Clarkson, Wm. W.
Clarkson, Ida R. Mrs.
Cole, Lulu
Cole, Jennie E.
Cole, Mary Mrs.
Compton, Ann T. Mrs.
Covert, Rynear
Covert, Elizabeth
Covert, Hiram H.
Covert, Jennette Mrs.
Covert, Carrie E.
Covert, Lela M.
Covert, Mary S. Mrs.
Covert, Nettie A. Mrs.
Covert, Jennie A.
Crise, Jennie
Crise, Chas. D.
Corey, Seneca M.
Covert, Grace
Covert, Helen
Covert, Alice
Coleman, Rev. M.H.
Coleman, Lulu Mrs.
Davenport, Theana
Dickerson, Mary Mrs.
Dickerson, G. Arthur
Dildine, Addie Mrs.
Diver, Julia B.
Doolittle, Jay
Doolittle, Cora B. Mrs.
Drake, S.A.
Drake, S.A. Mrs.
Dickerson, Charles
Demund, William
Demund, Emma Mrs.
Ellison, Mary
Ellison, Isabella
Flagg, Charles A.
Flagg, John H.
Flagg, Claud C.
Freestone, Mary E. Mrs.
Fulkerson, Margaret Mrs.
Fulkerson, Chauncey
Flagg, Emma Mrs.
Folwell, Lucy Mrs.
Flagg, George
Folwell, Harry
Gardner, Cora A. Mrs.
Godley, Bert J.
Grove, DeWitt S.
Grove, Frances Mrs.
Grove, Georgianna
Hadley, Alice
Hall, Charles N.
Hall, Carrie F.
Hall, Alice L.
Hall, J. Wilber
Hardey, Boston
Holton, Eugene K.
HOlton, Ella A. Mrs.
Holton, Henry T.
Holton, Carrie F.
Holton, Firman
Holton, Eliza
House, Jared
House, Eliza Mrs.
Hunt, John F.
Hunt, Minne Mrs
Hall, Musetta
Hanlin, Maude, Mrs
Huddle, Burt
Huddle, Bertha Mrs.
Howell, Edson V.
Ike, John
Kelly, Nettie Mrs.
Kennedy, Frank W.
Kennedy, Mary E.
Kishpaugh, Aaron
Kishpaugh, Sarah Mrs.
Kishpaugh, Willis G.
Kerns, Anna
Lefler, Mary J. Mrs
Longstreet, Alice B.
Manning, Mary Mrs.
Mason, Mary Mrs.
Mundy, Marietta Mrs.
Mundy, Helen
McKeel, Clinton D.
McKeel, Flora Mrs.
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Mary E. Mrs.
Miller, Warren L.
Miller, Joanna Mrs.
Miller, Augustus C.
Miller, Charles M.
Morehouse, Eli
Morehouse, Sarah Mrs.
Murphy, George W.
Murphy, Minnie Mrs.
Mills, Anna M. Mrs.
Miller, Edward B.
Miller, Franc C. Mrs.
Miller, Sarah
O'Lara, Mary
McDuffie, Lizzie Mrs.
Pearson, Elma Mrs.
Pearson, Fred Mrs.
Porter, William
Proper, David Mrs.
Quick, Henry
Quick, Mary Mrs.
Rappleye, Judson A.
Rappleye, Luzetta Mrs.
Rappleye, Thaddeus W.
Rappleye, Eliza J. Mrs.
Rappleye, Fred L.
Rappleye, Mary Mrs.
Rappleye, Lewis M.
Rappleye, Lucretia
Rappleye, Hudson
Rappleye, Samantha Mrs.
Rappleye, Scott D.
Rappleye, Anna Mrs.
Rappleye, Frances M.
Rappleye, Frank A.
Rappleye, Ella Mrs.
Rappleye, Ella Mrs.
Rappleye, Belle Mrs.
Rumsey, Minnie Mrs.
Rice, George R.
Rice, Carrie C. Mrs.
Rice, Lewis C.
Rockwell, Mary Mrs.
Rollins, Charles W.
Rosengrant, Mary E.
Ryno, John L.
Ryno, Ann Eliza
Ryno, Maggie L.
Rappleye, Arthur Mrs.
Shank, A.E.
Shank, Cora Mrs.
Slaght, Morg E.
Slaght, Cora L. Mrs.
Slaght, Clarence H.
Smith, Covert A.
Smith, Alice Mrs.
Sniffen, Emma Mrs.
Sniffen, John B.
Sniffen, Mary E. Mrs.
Sniffen, Marion
Sniffen, Jennie Mrs.
Sniffen, Helen E.
Sniffen, Charles S.
Sniffen, Sarah C. Mrs.
Sniffen, Sarah Mrs.
Stettenroth, William C.
Stevens, Della Mrs.
Stout, Burdye
Stout, Frank
Stout, Estella
Stout, Ida
Swick, Jehiel H.
Swick, Libbie
Swick, Rachel
Swick, Mary
Swick, Nancy Mrs.
Swick, Ella
Swick, Frank M.
Switzer, Sarah Mrs.
Switzer, Nellie A. Mrs.
Swick, Effie
Swick, Laura Mrs.
Slocum, Mary B. Mrs.
Swarthout, Libbie
Swick, Bertha
Tailby, Georgianna
Updike, Florence B.
VanCourt, Jason
VanCourt, Minnie Mrs.
VanNostrand, William
VanNostrand, Mary Mrs.
Vininv, Isaac
Vining, Eliza Mrs.
VanVleet, Lizzie
Wightman, R.C.
Wightman, Jessie Mrs.
Wightman, Edith
Wilson, Wilmer S.
Woodard, Phaethusa
Wyckoff, Ella K.
Wiggins, Maggie Mrs.
Wixom, May Mrs.
Wilson, Ulysses
Wyckoff, Edson
Waugh, Mary Etta

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