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Methodist Episcopal Church of Sheldrake

Town of Ovid, Seneca County, NY

Source: "Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96", compiled and published by the Courier Printing Co., Seneca Falls, NY 1896.

      The Methodist Episcopal Church at Sheldrake was Organized on June 13, 1811, under the name of the Ovid Society of the M. E. Church, being the first M. E. Church in the township, if not in the county. There had been services held at the home of Uncle Peter Sherman for some time before the organization, and they were continued there until they were able to build the church, which was erected a mile west of the lake. In 1869-70,during the pastorate of Rev. N. M. Wheeler. the church was moved to its present site, and enlarged and improved. For a number of years the society was .united with Ovid in a circuit, the pastor living at Ovid and coming to Sheldrake in the afternoon. In 1868, a parsonage was purchased, largely with funds willed by Aunt Patty Sherman, and since that time this church has stood alone, except a few years, when there was an afternoon appointment at Farmer. Some of the prominent preachers of the present day have served one or more years at Sheldrake, among whom are E. D. Huntly. since Chaplain of the United States Senate and pastor of the Centennary Church in Washington, D. C., and C. C. Wilbur, now presiding elder of Elmira District and principal elect of Cazenovia Seminary. The officers are as follows: Trustees, Hiram Crissy, J. V. Dunlap, A. Hollingshead, Enoch Covert and Dr. R. W. Padgham; Stewards, Hiram Crissy, Harry Goundry, Robert Rolfe, William Burt Helfman, Frank Quigley, Arthur Quigley, Charles Myer, Bert Myer, Kate Burlew, Edith Blew, Susie Cleveland and Lottie Helfman; Class Leaders, Hiram Crissy and A. Hollingshead; Sunday School Superintendent, Harry Goundry; President of Epworth League, Harry Goundry.

Bennett, J. F.
Bennett, Eliza D.
Bryant, Lina
Blew, Edith
Bishop, Nancy
Burlew, Kate
Blew, Anna
Crissy, Hiram
Crissy, Julia
Crissy, Fred
Crissy, Ford
Covert, Enoch
Covert, Mrs. Enoch
Covert, Sarah
Cleveland. Susie
Dunlap, Maud
Dennis, Fanny
Evarts, Mary
Foot, Alice
Goundy, Harry
Goundy, Jessie
Hollingshead, Albert
Hollingshead, Julia
Helfman, Wm. Burt
Helfman, Lottie
Mathews, Mary
More, Emily
More, Mary
Myer, Sarah
Myer, Charles
Myer, Bert
Palmer, James
Palmer, George
Palmer, Wiltshire
Padgham, R. W.
Padgham, Lizzie
Quigley, Mary J.
Quigley, Frank
Quigley, Arthur
Quigley, Katie
Rolfe, Robert
Smith, Sarah
Slaught, Emeline
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, Mrs. Henry
Van Sickle, Celeste
Van Sickle, Walter
Wright, Francis
Yarnell, Sally A.
Yarnell, Amanda
Yarnell, Ann
Yarnell, Myra

This transcription provided courtesy of Curtis Camp.

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