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DAILEY, DALEY, LEWIS Dolores Rutherford, June 30, 1999
I have information on the DA(I)LEY family and the LEWIS families of Junius/Seneca Falls, Seneca Co., NY from 1820-1867. Will gladly share.

DALEY, DALY Trey Velasco, Trey@Dallas.Grupo4.Com Sept., 7, 1998
Looking for information on Robert C. Daley/Daly of Seneca County. He was born on 11-16-1829 in New York City to John and Sara Cornwell Daly. He married Roseltha Randolph on 3-19-1860 and they had two children that I know of Richard R. Daly 7-7-1866 and Lena May born 1-5-1861. Robert C. Daly was a Captain in the 148th NY Infantry. He may have been a medical doctor in the war. He had a sister named Mary that lived in Auburn, NY. He died on 8-24-1886 and is buried in Restvale Cemetery. Any help would be appreciated it.

DALEY Dolores Rutherford, January 17, 2000
DALEY  1830-1880   Seneca Co., NY, CA

DANIELS, O'MARA Allan L. Plucinik, Aug. 25, 1998
I am looking for information about George B. DANIELS (b. 25 Jan 1876, d. 10 Nov 1906) and his wife Rose O'MARA. The Daniels were a prominent business family in Seneca Falls in the 1800s.
I would especially like more info about Rose O'Mara. I know they were married on 31 Jan 1899 but I don't know where Rose came from or where she went after George died only 7 years after their marriage. I don't have names of any of her ancestors. They were married at St. Mary's Rectory, I believe in Seneca Fall.
George and Rose had at least one child, Mary Ruth (my grandmother).

DARBY Chuck Samson Feb. 6, 1998
I am trying to research my great, great grandmother Clariss DARBY.
She was born on December 19, 1818, in Spafford Township.
She later married Jacob W ACKERSON (born in 1808 in Cayuga
County) and they may have lived in Seneca County.
Am interested in any information someone may have on either surname.

DARLING Richard Clark, Sept. 12, 2001
I am looking for information on a Darling family that may have lived in Seneca county in the 1830's I have 4 brothers, Jessie, Hector Jeremiah and John Darling.
Jessie turned up in New Orleans by 1860. Hector and Jeremiah were in Michigan in 1840 and John was in Florida in 1860. Jessie later went to Alabama, Hector went to Texas and Jeremiah to Ohio.
I picked up the trail from a grand son who finally settled in Oklahoma after changing his name to Phillips.
I would appreciate any help or suggestions you might have.

DAVENPORT/ALMY Olive Hoffman, March 13, 1999
I am seeking information on a (Mr) DAVENPORT/DEVENPORT who was married to Sarah (KIRBY) ALMY before Feb 1818. Sarah was the widow of John ALMY who d 1803-1818 in Ovid, Seneca, NY. Information obtained from a land deed of Feb 1818 mentions land in the Town of Ovid, County of Seneca "now occupied by a Mr. Devenport who married the widow of John Almy".
Hopefully, if I can get information on (Mr) Davenport/Devenport, I will be able to find out when he and Sarah were married (which would help me pinpoint the death of John ALMY) and perhaps when/where Sarah died and is buried.

DAVIS Stephanie Rose, June 7, 2000
My great, great, great grandfather -- William Watson Davis -- was reportedly born in Waterloo, NY in 1853..... all that is known of his parents, however, is that his mother's name was Sarah, possible middle initial "M." I would love to know his parent's names and wonder if anybody doing genealogical research in Seneca County might be able to help with this information? Thank you.

DAY Mike and Jenny Bell, June 7, 2000
I am searching for the parents of Frederick Augustus Day born 12 September, 1821 in Waterloo, Seneca, NY.He married Elizabeth Thompson Cudworth in 1854 in Conn. They had 4 children, all born in Iowa.

DECKER James Conant French, June 26, 1998
Edwin R. Decker, b. about 1864 in NY, of Waterloo, Seneca County, married to Sarah A.,listed in 1920 Census--Is he a son of Alfred Decker of Seneca Castle? Is Edwin's middle name Ruthven?

DECKER Dione Smith February 9, 1998
Time period: 1826 - 1850
Towns: Waterloo, Seneca Falls & Wayne County

DEMELT Ronn Fullmer, September 7, 1999
Looking for information on forebears and children of Anthony and Sophia (?) Demelt of Seneca Falls, Seneca County, NY. He was born abt.1793 in NY. I believe they had five daughters and one son. Daughters were Almira, b. 1812 (married Daniel Fulmer); Jane Ann, b. 1816 (married Joel B. Tubbs); Priscilla, b. 1817, (married Philander Caldwell); Nancy, b. 1819, (married Simon D. Perry) and Permelia/Parmelia. Information on any or all of these individuals will be welcomed.

DENISON, BEMENT March 1, 2000
Looking for information on Rhoda Denison Bement and her husband Jeremy Bement who lived in Seneca Falls in the 1840's. Especially looking for their connection to the Underground Railroad. Information on the Denison or Bement families would be helpful.

DENNIS Ann, Oct. 31, 2000
Looking for early settler of Ovid, NY; Joseph Dennis, may have died in the War of 1812, @ Sackett's Harbor, & his wife Nancy Calups (?spelling) of German descent. Children may have been William and Susan. After the death of her husband, Nancy may have migrated to Andes, NY in Delaware County and remarried.

DEVENPORT/DAVENPORT Nancy Tweedie, August 23, 2000
Looking for any info regarding Nathaniel DEVENPORT (DAVENPORT) who died in 1816, was a resident of Ulysses, Seneca County. His children mentioned in his will were: Catheraine, Rachel(married WESTBROOK), Ann (?), Margaret, Abraham (deceased in 1816), Peter (deceased in 1816, married to Catharine ?), Henry, Moses, Nathaniel, Jr. Solomon Devenport was one of the executors.
I have a copy of the will if anyone is interested.

DEY Linda Dey Harpole,
I am seeking information on a Sears C. Dey born abt.1800 in either NJ or NY. He married Elizabeth (?). I have a possible link for Sears C. Dey to John Dey and Phoebe Crane as parents, but the information has not been validated. I do not know Elizabeth's parents names. Sears C. Dey and Elizabeth were listed in the 1850 Census, living in the town of Fayette, Seneca Co., NY with six children listed: 1) ??; 2) Henry C.Dey(b.Dec 22, 1836); 3) Catherine Dey; 4) Marg Dey; 5) Charlotte(?) Dey; 6) George Dey. Also looking for information on the children. Will share any and all information.

DEY, DYE Tom Robertshaw, uofu.idaho@cwixmail.comUpdated March 13, 1999; Oct. 10, 1998
Updated query:
Seeking info on persons named Dey who lived in Romulus and Varick, Seneca Co., NY around 1800-1840. Especially interested in names of the grandchildren of Colonel Theunis Dey who lived anywhere!
Original query:
DEY (or DYE). I'm interested in information relating to the descendants of Colonel Theunis DEY of NJ, who had several children who reportedly moved to Fayette and Seneca Falls, NY in the early 1800's.

DICKENS Jane Nichols, January 28, 2000
Looking for ancestors from Jacob Dickens who was in the 1880 Census of Ovid and Lewis Dickens in the Census of Lodi in 1850. I believe they were sons of Mitchell Dickens ,son of Mordecai Dickens which Mordecai was my grandfather. If anyone could shed some light on this I would love to hear from them.

DICKINSON, STOWELL Cynthia Dickinson, July 14, 1999
Daniel Dickinson b abt 1760 married Betsey Stowell, b abt 1760, daughter of Hezekiah STowell and Persis Rice. Removed from Windham Co., NY to Oxford, Chenango Co., NY about 1787. Daniel may have removed with them. Looking for their possible children- Samuel Dickinson b 1805 Peter Dickinson b 1797 John Dickinson b 1817 Daniel B. Rice Dickinson unknown.
All four brothers in the lumber business in Tioga Counties NY and PA. Daniel B. Rice Dickinson had a strong relationship with William E. Dodge of Phellps/Dodge Corporation.
Looking for any information on Dickinsons or Stowells in the area from 1800 to 1830.
Will share what I have.

DICKINSON Cynthia Dickinson, June 30, 1999
Looking for information regarding Daniel Dickinson b abt 1770 who married Betsey Stowell b about the same time. Daniel also known as Moses Dickinson or M. Daniel Dickinson. Removed from Oxford, Chenango County, NY to Seneca Falls in the early 1800's. Child Lucretia Dickinson b 1818 married William Field in Chicago. Also looking for information on the other children : Samuel Dickinson b 1806, Peter Dickinson b 1797 and John Dickinson b 1817. Will share any and all information.

DICKERSON / DICKINSON Janice Finley Thesenvitz, February 23, 1999
I am searching for information regarding: John DICKERSON who married Sally (unknown). John was son of Charles DICKERSON b NJ 1745, d. 31 Mar 1823 near Ovid, Seneca, NY, Charles is buried Dickerson Cem.
I do not know the dates of birth of John & Sally, but I am estimating them to be abt 1774 in Seneca Co. NY. Really would like more information on these two. Marriage date? probably around 1790 in Seneca, perhaps someone has this information.
In 1820 John & Sally were still in NY. I believe John & Sally moved to Ypsilanti twp, Washtenah Co, Michigan by 1830 & John was age 60-70 at that time. They probably died there bef. 1840.
John & Sally had sons: Abram/Abraham b. 15 Sep 1790, Seneca Co, NY d. 1848 McHenry Co IL; Silas b. bef. 1800 NY; Peter b. bef 1800 NY; John b. abt 1800 NY; Thomas b. 25 Feb 1804 NY;, & Michael Miller b. abt 1812. There were two or three daughters also born between 1790 - 1810, names unknown to me.
Can anyone add to these families? I will be glad to share Abraham & his wife Amariah's family and anything else that I have. Some of this information came from a book called "Descendants of Philemon Dickerson of Southold, Long Island, NY"
I do know their son Abram was b. 1790 in Seneca Co NY, and that he bought land from his brother John who came to Ypsilanti abt 1826/27. Abraham & wife had moved to Ypsilanti, MI by 1830.

DILTZ Sharron Wofsy February 18, 1998
Samuel N. DILTZ b. ? d. 1866 Waterloo, married Eliza(Elsie) Ann HOWELL b. 1820 d. 1903 in Cayuga Co.No wedding date listed. They had George E. b.1845, d. 1901, married Lydia Ann WUNDERLIS, Amanda b. 1848, William O. b. 1849, married Mary C. WUNDERLIN in1877, Charles E. b. 1851, Mary b. 1854, married John KREUTTER, Nelson b. 1856 in Ohio, d. 1908 married Mary C. PITTS in PA. in 1882, Sarah Ann ( my g-grandmother) b. 1858 in Ashtabula, Ohio, d. 1940 Seneca Falls, marrried Judson D. BAXTER in 1876, Abbie 1862 NY, Oscar Eddie b. 1864 Waterloo, d. 1930 Varick, married Mary E. BONARD in 1886. Any further help with information on this family would be appreciated.

DIMMICK/DIMICK January 21, 2001
In the census index for 1870, Samuel DIMMICK was listed as 63 years, white, male, born NY, living Lodi (roll 1093, pg. 98, series M593). My ggg-grandfather Samuel Dimick was born ca. 1805-08, Delaware Co., NY. To Schuyler Co. at age 19; married Mary KETTLE. Trying to determine if the Samuel at Lodi is same person, and if he died in Seneca.

DITCHFIELD Peter Mooney, Jan. 17, 1999
Searching for Samuel Y. DITCHFIELD,who lived in Romulus in the 1940's. He was born in Chester,Pa.,about 1880. He was last listed as being in a veteran's home in Bath,NY., in 1952. His wife's name may have been Ruth. Does anyone know where he is buried?

DOTY Brian Lynn, June 30, 1999
Seek to trade info on the family of Jacob DOTY. Moved to Seneca County in 1790 from Sommerset County, New Jersey. Lived in Ovid, Covert and Romulus, Seneca County. Also lived in Hector, New York. Finnaly moved to Shiawassee County, Michigan.

DOUGHERTY Nora Boyle, March 30, 2006
Trying to locate my father's relatives information:
They lived in Seneca Falls, Ovid, Romulus and Waterloo
Bernard Dougherty - born 1856 - Romulus and died 928 Waterloo
married Mary Bannon in Auburn in 1888
She was born in Ireland - approximately 1820
She was buried in Ovid or Romulus about 1940 or so
Had 3 children between 1888-1891 that died in child birth or shortly after then had:
James P. Dougherty b 1891 - d July 1918
Bernard F. Dougherty - b 1892 - d Oct 1918
Also related to Coffey family (Patrick, Mary, Julia, Peter, John Catherine)
Any information would be great - thanks in advance.

DOUGHERTY John Manina, Dec. 11, 2000
I have a photo of an ancestor that was taken at Dougherty's in Waterloo in the mid 1800's. I would like info on this photo business, such as when it was in business. This would help me figure out who the picture is of.

DRAKE Chris Drake Lufkin Jan. 17, 1999
Looking for Edward Drake b 1800 and George (Gouvenour) Drake b 1802. They ended up in Michigan. George is from Orange County and maybe Edward. Many of the neighbors in Lodi Twnsp, Washtenaw Cty, Mi, were from Seneca Cty. I believe the father is Francis Drake m. to Hannah. Any information would be appreciated.

DUFFY Mary Fairman,
I have a little information about my great-great-grandmother. Her name was Margaret Duffy. Her father's name was Terrence Duffy. He was a farmer in Seneca County, New York. Margaret Duffy married John Farrell on January 21, 1830. They ended up in Michigan and had seven children, Mary, Bridget, Maggie, Laurence, Kate, Michael and John. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

DUNHAM Tom Townsend, July 26, 1999
Looking for information on John DUNHAM, born abt 1750 probably Cayuga County. He married Elizabeth Holmes Jan 1776. They were living in Seneca County 1810. They moved to PA. abt 1819. Also would like information on his grandson John DUNHAM who married Elizabeth CAMPBELL possibly in Seneca County prior to the move.

DURHAM Dave Herzog April 28, 2001
I am looking for information on my 3rd great grandfather and grandmother. His name was Philo Durham, b. 14 Jan 1809 possibly in New York State and d. 30 Jul 1854 I believe in Waterloo, Seneca, New York. He m. Elizabeth Shaw 27 Oct 1833 in Waterloo. She was born 26 Oct 1813 in Waterloo and d. in Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa, 24 Apr 1899. They had at least 6 children, Warren J. b. 30 Jul 1834, George W. b. 26 Jul 1836, James E. b. 30 Nov 1837, Harriet (my gg-grandmother) b. 25 Mar 1840, Henriette (twin) b. 25 Mar 1840 and d. 30 Jun 1842, John b. 14 Oct 1845 and d. 20 Feb 1855. All the children were b. in Waterloo and the youngest 2 died there.
Philo and Elizabeth are in the 1840 and 1850 US census as residents of Waterloo, and he is listed as a carpenter. I have hit a brick wall as far as trying to find Philo or Elizabeth's parents. I have never been able to contact a cousin either on the Durham or Shaw side. Does anybody know anything about the Durham/Shaw family of Waterloo, Seneca County, New York?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

DURNIN Jan. 17, 1999
I am looking for the descendant Of Thomas DURNIN & Ella (HAYES) DURNIN. Ella death dates is unknown at this time. Thomas DURNIN died March 27, 1946, in Waterloo, NY. According to his obit Thomas was survived by three daughters, Catherine DURNIN and Mrs. William L (Bertha) LONG of Waterloo, Mrs. Albert (Marie) McDermott of Geneva, and a stepdaughter, Miss Blanche Fullmer of Rochester, eight grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. Ella (HAYES) DURNIN was the daughter of Timothy HAYES and Helen (FULLMER) HAYES, and the stepdaughter Mary (O'HARA) HAYES. I will appreciated any information on the above family.

DUSENBURG Muriel Frincke Feb. 6, 1998
Am looking for information on Calista A. DUSENBURG and the DUSENBURG family found in the 1850 census as living in Romulus, living with MILLERS. Calista was born in 1837, in Trumansburg. Any information on DUSENBURG family from early 1800's will be appreciated.

DWYER Phil Albro, Sept. 29, 1999
I am researching the DWYER family that lived in Waterloo, NY in the mid 1800's. My ggrandfather THOMAS DWYER moved to Geneva and married MARY HOWE (of Geneva) some time between the 1875 census and the 1880 census; Thomas and Mary had 10 children, five of whom died young. Matthew, Margaret, Mary (Mame), John E., and William Edward (my grandfather) were the surviving children. Thomas had a sister Ellen who married a WILLOWER. That's about all I know. I am trying to find out Thomas' parents names and where they were from.


EASLICK Ed Easlick Feb. 6, 1998
Want to determine the parents of Margaret EASLICK, b. abt 1875, Waterloo, NY, and of Patrick CRANNEY, b. abt 1875, Seneca Falls, NY. They were married about 1896. They had daughter, Margaret CRANNEY, b. 5 Mar 1897, Waterloo, NY; d. 22 Aug 1918, Waterloo, NY. Any EASLICK/CRANNEY Seneca County connection desired.

ECK, AUTEN Rebecca Hyer, April 30, 2000
I am looking for information about Susie Electa AUTEN's husband George E. ECK, b. 6 July 1893 in Romulus, d. January 1976 in Gainesville, Florida. Susie died in 1932 at Willard Grounds, and there is no information about George after that. Thank You

Looking for any information on the EMERICK OR EMRICH family associated with Christ Reformed Church, Bearytown and the Jerusalem Church in Fayette, Seneca County in the early 1800's. Also any information in Moritz RACHLEY/RASHLEY/RITCHLEY or family with these surnames also associated with Seneca County about 1850-1860. Moritz Rachley married a Von Emrich, probably in Seneca County.

EVANS Robert C. Evans, March 1, 2000
Looking for information of my father and his family. Fathers name is Robert David Evans, born 24 July 1909 in Seneca Falls NY to Bert Evans and Mae Bell MacCoon. Robert David had a twin brother Richard J and numerous other brothers and sisters, Milton, Roy, Ruth, Mildred and others that I have no information of. There supposedly were 16 or more children, which many were twins, I never knew any of them, only the ones listed. Robert married Pearl Mae Terwilliger in Elmira, NY where they lived until about 1970 when they retired to Holiday, Florida. Both died there. I know Bert is probably a shortened from something but I have no idea what, and I am not certain of the spelling of Mae Bell. Bert died before I was born and Mae Bell died when I was maybe 8 or 9 at the most. I would appreciate any leads or information that anyone may have.

EWENS Carole Healey, August 28, 1999
Ewens  1940 to present  Seneca Falls
I am looking for a long lost cousin. She is the daughter of Harry and Dorothy Ewens. She is most likely married, but I have no married name.


FALINBURGE David Absalom, Jan. 17, 1999
Seeking any information about Urban FALKINBURGE, b. abt 1796, son of Samuel FALKINBURGE of Varick. Urban was living in Seneca County in 1820. Have no other information about him.

FARR, CARPENTER, SKINNER Mark Farr, August 8, 1999, updated April 30, 2000
I am researching the Farr's of Seneca Co., NY. The family was fairly large and lived in Hector, Covert and Lodi. I am trying to find any info on this, or these families, so that I may tie them to other ancestors that I have on record in my family tree. In particular, I am searching for info on Richard Farr, Archibald Farr (b. 1791), and another Archibald Farr (b. 1748/52) who were of or came to this area in the late 1700's / early 1800's. I am willing to share info that I have.

FATZINGER Susan Lucykanish, January 21, 2001
I am searching for any FATZINGER descendants from the Seneca County area.

FAUSSETT Oct. 10, 1998
Am researching George Faussett, born 1760 in County Kildare, Ieland, and married Mary (Polly) Morrison, born January 15, 1766.They married about 1790, possibly in Philadelphia. George was the first white settler in the Seneca Lake area. He settled on the eastern shore and called his land "Faussett's Point". Their oldest child, Fanny, as the first white child born in the district between the lakes. Polly died on Setp. 8. 1822 and George remarried a widow. George died in 1840.

FEAGLES Mary Ann Gauer, Oct. 10, 1998
ROBERT S. FEAGLES (WILLIAM) was born July 26, 1836 in Seneca Co., New York, and died December 24, 1894 in NY. He married HULDAH CONLEY.
i. WILLIAM FEAGLES, b. March 12, 1869, Schuyler Co., New York; d. 1886.
ii. LEE FEAGLES, b. January 11, 1873, Schuyler Co., New York; d. 1886.
2. iii. OLIVE MAY FEAGLES, b. October 14, 1878, Monterey, Steuben Co., NY;
d. August 09, 1910, Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY.
iv. FLINT BARNEY FEAGLES, b. December 14, 1880, Monterey, Schuyler, NY.
v. ANNA C. FEAGLES, b. February 21, 1884, Monterey, Schuyler, NY; d. July 13, 1948; m. MYRTLE LAURENCE AULLS, July 23, 1904, Hammondsport, Steuben, NY.

FEGLEY C. F. Murray, June 25, 1998
I am working on the Fegley family. Originally fromAllentown, Pa. Henry and perhaps others moved to Waterloo in late 1800s. Henry was Civil War veteran. Was a farmer. Any information on the Fegley family in Seneca County will be appreciated.

FERGUSON Mary Kreps, Aug. 25, 1998
Looking for information on Rose FERGUSON who lived in Interlaken possibly the end of the 1800's, but in the early 1900's. Possible maiden name was Bixby from Elmira, NY. She was my great grandmother, Eliza Cochran's sister and trying to get information on their family.Thanks.

FERRIS Sue Moran, August. 16, 2000
Seeking any information available on the family of Oliver Dexter FERRIS who relocated to Waterloo, SENECA County, NY from Vermont where he was born between 1818-1826 according to census records. Oliver appears in the 1860 Census in Waterloo with wife Marinda Jane THORPE/THARP. They had the following children: David A, b. 1852 d. 1880, George Washington b. 1855, d. 1921, Oliver L. b. 1854 d. 1927, Melissa J. b.1862, Nellie Star b. 1871 d. 1887 and Frederick b/d 1879. George W. Ferris, my gggrandfather married Anna Hennessey of Geneva and relocated there in 1880's.
Info below provided to me by Betty Auten on 12/30/00 for Update to FERRIS, Oliver D. Query I posted
Ferris, Oliver A ch of David A and Matilda bapt. 5/25//1878 Waterloo, Presby
1850 Waterloo O D Ferris 38 tailor, born Vermont, M J 21 female born NY
Died Marinda Jane Ferris 6/28/1904, 74, Waterloo; sur 2 sons Oliver, Waterloo; George W.,Geneva
Mar George Ferris, Waterloo to Anna Maria Hennesey, Geneva by Rev Rankine, 3/7/1882
Business Directory BD 1894 Mrs Marinda J Ferris Waterloo, nurse, rented house Walnut
BD 1894, Oliver D Ferris Waterloo; born 1818 in Essex co. Bill Poster, rented house, South Virginia
Nellie Stella Ferris born 6/20/1871 Waterloo; daughter Oliver and Miranda, bapt 1887, St Paul's church
Died Nellie Ferris Waterloo 5/20/1887, 16, St Paul's
1870 Waterloo; Oliver D Ferris 52, Marian 31, David A 1;8, Oliver L 16, George W 14, Malissa J 6 born NY
CR Oliver D Ferris bur 5/28/1901, 77
Nellie C 5/19/1887, 15-11-0
Marinda J 7/1/1904, 74
Fred H 9/2/1879, 4 mon. lot 153, Maple Grove, owner Oliver Ferris, see thorpe
1905 Waterloo; Oliver L Ferris 50, laborer Mary 48, Seneca St.
1900 Waterloo Marinda J Ferris, born NY 7 ch. 2 living
CR David L Ferris 4/27/1880, 28
Matilda 7/26/1880, 13
Oliver A 5/15/1903, 24- 9-14, Stark St Cem Waterloo
Died Oliver L Ferris 5/6/1927, Sunday, Waterloo, 72, sur wife Mary, bur St Mary''s cem

FERRIS Lisa Ferris Middleton, July 18, 1999
I am seeking info. on a Ferris family line. My g-g-g-grandparents were Samuel Ferris (b. about 1754, died 12-8-1842, buried in Lakeview Cemetary, Interlaken) and Phebe Sherman (b. about 1759, died 2-2-1840, buried in Lakeview Cemetary, Interlaken). They had 10 children, Elisha (b.5-2-1784), Elizabeth (b. about 1785), Polly (b.6-17-1787), Sally (b.5-31-1789), Leonard (b. 8-4-1791), Sherman (b.8-3-1793), Deborah (b. 2-1-1796), Joshua and Joseph (twins,b. 5-8-1798) and Samuel (b.4-19-1800). All children were born near Seneca Co (according to LDS files) except for possibly Samuel who may have been born in Delaware Co. Any information or connections would be greatly welcome.

FIRKINS Ray Hedberg, Sept. 1, 1998
Looking for information on a FIRKINS family who lived in Wolcott ca. 1800-1820 when Wolcott became part of Wayne county rather than Seneca County. Elizabeth Firkins was born about 1802, married Dubois Vanfleet 1831 in Wolcott, moved to Illinois ca. 1846. Elizabeth had a sister Mehtabel - married name Day who also moved to Illinois. Looking for ALL information on any FIRKINS family in Seneca County.

FISKE, FISK, CHAPMAN, MOORE Desi, June 7, 2000
Looking for information on James Fisk(e) that married Sally Chapman abt. 1803 in Junius, Seneca Co. NY and their descendants. James and Sally are buried in Southwick Cemetery, Seneca Co. I have Sally's date of birth as Nov. 11, 1786 but need to find out where she was born and who her parents were.
Children were all born in Junius, Seneca Co.:
Hiram Fiske, b. 1804 m. Sarah Ann unknown
Franklin Fiske, b. Aug. 4, 1806,
Barbara Fiske, b. Aug. 4, 1808, m. Edmund Moore, both buried Geauga Co., OH.
James Fiske, b. Dec. 22, 1811, Eliza Fiske, b. Oct 27, 1814, Sumner Fiske, b. Feb. 15, 1816, m. (1) Elvira unknown, (2) Sarah Jane unknown, all three buried in Southwick Cemetery, Seneca Co.
John Fiske, b. Nov. 22, 1818, m. Phebe Sloan, Jabez Fiske, b. Dec. 16, 1820, died Nov. 12, 1890, David Fiske, b. April 20, 1824.
I don't know when the e was dropped, going from Fiske to Fisk. I have some information and would like to share.

FITZGERALD Cheri Wilkinson, Oct. 10, 1998
Looking for info about and descendants of Thomas FITZGERALD (b: 29 April 1800 Boscawen, NH) m. 31 October 1820 at Boscawen Mary DOWNING (b: 07 November 1798 Boscawen, NH(?)). Child born at Boscawen: Gerrish. Moved to Junius, Seneca County, New York.

FLEMING Kathy McConnell DeFoster, July 8, 1998
John FLEMING, the son of Robert, settled on the Military Tract in 1790. I do not know whether or not he received this land as bounty for his service. He brought his wife, Mary JACKSON, b. 1756, Orange county, NY, and their children to Romulus. their children are: Jesse (b. 1777), John (b. 6 Feb 1780), Robert (b. 26 Nov 1781), Mary (b. 20 Jun 1784), James (b. 28 Jan 1787), Elsie (b. 21 Jul 1791) and Samuel (b. 5 Dec 1793).
Robert and Mary remained on their property in NY until their deaths; their children, with the exception of Jesse, who died in 1795, married and eventually left for Michigan. John stayed in Seneca county until 1844, living on part of his father's farm; he served as a captain in the War of 1812. He and his wife, Susannah HARTON, settled in Albion, Michigan, where they both died.
Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

FORMAN Jerry Forman, August. 28, 1999
Looking for parental documentation of three FORMAN siblings born in the Finger Lakes Region as follows: David Smith FORMAN (1818); Charlotte FORMAN (1818) and William Henry FORMAN (1822). Charlotte Forman married Jonas WHITNEY Dece 1835. Any information greatly appreciated.

FRANTZ Suzanne Westbrook Frantz, January 24, 2000
I am seeking the Frantz family and Singer (Dysinger) family of Seneca County. I believe these families were originally from Pennsylvania and settled in Seneca County about 1810. One branch, that of Jacob C. Frantz and his wife, Maria Singer, re-located to Niagara County, NY about 1840, and eventually settled in St. Clair County, Michigan, where they are buried. I am glad to share information. Thanks!

FROST Barbara Burnell, Sept. 24, 1999
Looking for the family of William Aaron Frost born in Seneca County New York on 10 March 1812. I do not know his parents names. Also looking for the family of Phebe Letitia Primm born in Seneca County New York on 9 April 1812. I do not know her parents names. William and Phebe were married in Seneca County in 1832. Their daughter Sarah was born in Seneca County in 1834 and their daughter Eunice was also born in Seneca County on 5 June 1835. Sarah married Elias Border and Eunice married Peter Border. Elias and Peter are brothers. Eunice died 16 September 1911 in Iowa.
William and Phebe are my great great grandparents.

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