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GALLOUP/LOVELL Juanita Galloup Stokely, March 13, 1999
JOHN GALLOUP and MARGARET LOVELL went to Phil. Pa. around1770-90. and JOHN GALLOUP died there. His wife and 3 children moved back to the Lodi area as that was where her family lived. I am hoping thru the family of LOVELL i may find some information as to where JOHN GALLOUP was born. JOHN GALLOUP died around 1810, and John and Margarets childrens names were John, Ann, and Benjamin.

GAMBEE Rick Gamber February 9, 1998
Gamber 1800- Fayette, Varick

GAMBER Rick Gamber February 9, 1998
Gamber 1800- Fayette, Varick

GANOUNG Dot M. March 20, 1998
I am seeking info about PURVIS GANOUNG. I only know that he married Susannah Howell about 1830 in Seneca County, NY.....moved to Lenawee Co. Michigan later.

GARDNER Michael Gardner, January 27, 2000
Looking for any information on my Gardner line in this area. I have lots of Gardner's in Schuyler County (Hector area 1830-1850 time frame), Ontario County (Phelps) and Allegheny County (Alfred). My Samuel Gardner (1780-1841) came from Orange County, NY to the Hector area with possible sons named Owen (1808-1886), Issac, William and George. I have lots of information on Owen and family (8 kids)(wife Rachel ____ 1810-1886 (maiden name either Hall, Cornelius or Church)). It's probable some of my clan lived in Seneca County.

GAYNOR, HUGHES Janet McCully, June 14, 2001
I'm looking for Edward GAYNOR and Mary C Hughes GAYNOR. The 1910 Tioga census shows them there, but family history says they came from Kinzua. I'm not sure if that is in Seneca County or not, but I thought it was worth a try. Family history also say that we have relations on the reservation, but I don't have any names or backup for this statement yet.

GILDNER Bob Kunkel Feb. 6, 1998
I am looking to correspond with anyone with the name of GILDNER/GILTNER in their records. This family came from PA to Seneca Co, NY about 1797. I have reseaarched the PA line and would like to know more about the NY line.

GOFFE, WALLACE Jan. 17, 1999
I am listing this message in Seneca County Query for information on either Samuel Goffe or Samuel Gregg Wallace who both came down from Antrim, New Hampshire to farm land that Samuel Goffe received for service in the Revolutionary War. Samuel Wallace married Sally (Sarah) Crandall, granddaughter of Christopher Crandall, daughter of Daniel Crandall. Christopher Crandall was also a Revolutionary War veteran. Both Samuel Goffe and Christopher Crandall are reported to have received land as payment of service and received pensions from Cortland County in 1835.

GOLD Norm Morrison February 20, 1998
Want to share data with anyone interested in the James GOLD(1750-1831) & Martha (WEBSTER) GOLD family that lived in Ovid about 1795-1810. They were married in Phila in 1775 and had several children. They moved to Franklyn Co., IN in the 1810's. Have lots on Martha's family, but seek James ancestors. Can you help me?

GOODWIN Edward Harazak, Aug. 25, 1998
Looking for any information on the Goodwins. Benjamin, William & Richard. They came from Pennsylvania approx 1770's????. Goodwin's point was named after one or all of them.

GORDENIER Steve Gordinier, Jan. 17, 1999
I am searching for any information on Nicholas Gordenier, husband of Jane, who had two sons Peter Gordenier, b. 7 Nov. 1812 and George Gordenier, b. 1817, both in Seneca County. Peter Gordenier married May Swick Osterhout, b. 5, July, 1835 in Macon Township, Lenawee County, Michigan. Mary was the daughter of another Seneca family, father John E. Swick, mother Susan Ann Kelley (widow of Barton Osterhout). The Gordenier family all migrated to Michigan as far as we know. We believe it is possible that the Gordenier name was a misspelling at some point of Gardenier which is a much more common Dutch name.

GRAHAM Delbert W. Argyle, May 24, 1998
I am seeking records of Hugh Graham. He was of Seneca County until 1813 when he relocated to Geauga County, Ohio. Histories of Geauga County refer to him as Brigader General Graham, a military distinction he may have received in Seneca County.

GRANT Byron Bray, April 11, 1999
Seeking information on the ancestors, descendants and families of JOHN S. GRANT. He lived in Seneca County (then Cayuga County) from around 1788 until around 1833, marrying PHEBE COVERT (b. circa 1790, NY). They both lived in or around this area until around 1835, when they moved to Michigan. They had five surviving children: Susannah Grant (m. Jacob BOICE, lived in Albany, N.Y. and/or New York City, N.Y.), Abram I. Grant (born c. 1811, in Seneca County, New York - m. Jane HARRIS - died 5 March, 1902, Adrian, MI), John Covert Grant (born c. 1819, probably in New York - m. Wealthy PALMER - died 27 March, 1909, Dover, MI), Mary (Grant) FLAGLER (married William W. Flagler and moved to Springfield, Illinois), and Darius Simpson Grant (b. 1830 - m. Minerva BOVEE - d. 1864, Dimondale, Eaton County, Michigan).
Abram Grant may have attended a seminary college in the Ovid area. Around 1835, Abram journeyed to Lenawee County, Michigan and was granted land there under the Land Grant Act of 1820. He then returned to Ovid and collected his parents (John & Phebe) and his siblings and moved to Lenawee County. Susannah Grant appears to have already married Jacob Boice and to have remained in New York, and so did not make this move.
I have a great deal of information on their descendants and will be happy to share it.

GRANT, SUSANNAH Byron Bray, April 11, 1999
Seeking information on the ancestors, descendants and families of JACOB BOICE. He lived in Seneca County (then Cayuga County) around 1788 - 1830, marrying SUSANNAH GRANT (b. circa 1810, Seneca/Cayuga County NY). They both lived in or around this area until around 1835, when they moved Albany, N.Y. and/or New York City, N.Y.). I have a great deal of information on the family of SUSANNAH GRANT and its other descendants and will be happy to share it.

GRAVES, BARBER Diane Adams, Sept. 9, 2000
Seeking information about Mary Ann Graves b 21 Sep 1821 and/or Dennis Barber b 24 May 1814. They were married abt 1838 and lived in Tyre or Seneca Falls until 1851/1855 when they moved to Michigan Would like to find their parents names and information about where they came from.

GREGORY, LANEY Joy Powney, Sept. 30, 2000
The widow of Henry GREGORY, Jane GREGORY nee LANEY, emmigrated from Somerset, England, to Waterloo, New York State, Seneca County, after her husbands death in 1852, with two children, Isaac GREGORY and Mary GREGORY. The Gregory's were of a Quaker family.
Isaac GREGORY had a son also called Isaac, who was a Lieutenant in the US Army.
I am seeking any information on all of the above people.

GREEN/BEADLE/THOMPSON Allen Bond, March 20, 1998, updated June 14, 2001
Green/ Beadle/Thompson. Wish to exchange information on the families of; John (1772- 1827) and Harriet (Clute) Green of Junius, Seneca Co.and John (1761-1843/6) and Sarah (Beadle) Green of Junius, Seneca (and Savannah, Wayne Co). Both Green families had sons named William b. 1802/7one of which married Elizabeth Beadle daughter of Jonathan Beadle of Junius, and granddaughter of Thomas Beadle and Anna ?Thompson. Anna was probably related to Charles (1782-1826) and William Thompson (1785-1871) both of Ovid.

GREENLEAF Jmes C. McComb, 4144 West Lake Rd., Canandaigua, NY 14424, March 22, 1999
I am trying to find any possible heirs or/and successors of Daniel and Rebecca Greenleaf who resided in Canoga in the 1880's. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

GUERIN,BUYS, EHLE Elsie Wilson, Jan. 17, 1999
Jonas GUERIN and his wife Nancy Ann EHLE came to Varick, Seneca Co in 1812 from Morris Co., NJ with their four children. Jonas and Nancy are buried in Mt. Green Cemetery, Romulus. Their son, Joseph GUERIN married Lanah BUYS and moved to Erie Co. PA in 1834. Lanah BUYS was the daughter of Henry BUYS and Margaret GORDON of Sodus, Wayne Co.NY and the niece of John BUYS owner of a tavern in Romulus. John BUYS and his wife, Sarah (Sally) BROWN, both buried in Mt. Green. I need names, dates and descendants of other children of GUERIN, BUYS and BROWN families from this area. Some GUERINS later lived in Ovid area. Have data to share.


HAGERTY Janet Februqry 20, 1998
I am looking for information on Mary H. HAGERTY. She was born in Seneca Co about 1843. She married Henry BATES in Bath in 1864. They settled in Cameron, Steuben Co. Thanks for your assistance.

HAHN Jan Hall, March 13, 1999
Ellen B. Hahn, born about 1835 in Waterloo, New York. Daughter of James Augustus Hahn, MD and Maria Burke, both of Pennsylvania. How does one check births in NY State? Anyone know anything about this family? Any more brothers, sisters? They only lived there about 15 years, came from PA, went on to Marshall, Michigan and ultimately to Chicago.

HAINES Sept. 26, 1999
I am trying to find information on SAMUEL P. HAINES, half-brother of DANIEL FOSHAY, born in1837. Samuel is listed in the 1850 Census-Seneca Falls, Seneca County. He purchased a farm in that county about1848. His mother is believed to be SALLY (or Sarah) SUTTON HAINES. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

HAGERMAN Helen Barber, August 16, 2000
I am searching for information regarding the children of Isaac Hagerman and his wife Catherine. Children's names given as John V.N. Hagerman, Jacob Hagerman, David Hagerman, Anne Caty Hagerman and Sally Hagerman. Isaac's will dated 1804. Any help is greatly appreciated.

HALL, O'DELL Scott Coleman, June 30, 1999
I am looking for information on Jesse Hall & Jerima O'Dell. Jesse was born in Tompkins Co., in 1788. Jerima was born in Dutchess Co. around 1800. They had 7 children that I know of; Caleb, Emeline, Annie, Arvilla, Mary, Nathan and Levi. The children were born in Seneca Co..They moved to Washtenaw Co., Michigan and then Jackson Co., Michigan where they died.

HALL Robert Boomer, Oct. 30, 1998
Looking for info/proof or resource re: Andrew HALL b 1798 , probably in Galen, Wayne Co, NY, married Nellie Conover b. 1803 (or Covenhoven or Cownhover) in Seneca Co., NY probably in early 1800's. Any help would be appreciated, I'm near the end of this line (and my mind) and don't have a lot of factual information. Thank you.

HALSEY Anne Hurst , Aug. 25, 1998
Silas Halsey, 1743-1832 was my paternal ancestor. His mother was Susannah Howell,{not Sayre as your information states} daughter of Elisha Howell and Damaris Sayre. Silas, his mother, and two of his three wives are buried in the cemetery at Lodi known as the Halsey Cemetery or the old South Lodi Cemetery. Would like to share information.

HAMMOND Melvin Marion, April 30, 2000
Looking for information on the Hammond family of Seneca Falls, NY. Believe that the law firm of Hammond & Hammond, which was founded in the 1800's by George and William Hammond, probably brothers, are related to the Hammonds of Dryden, Tompkins County, NY and the Hammonds of Virgil, Cortland County, NY. The wife of William Hammond is believed to have been Polly Tanner. Can anyone help?

HANES Virginia Hanes Freyre Algonquin, June 7, 2000
Hanes--Waterloo NY--1920 Census shows a Robert Hanes (64 years old) married to Leoni (48 years old) with two sons Ivan J (18 years old) and Leon T (14 years old). George Henry Hanes is my great grandfather and a brother to Robert Hanes. George Hanes lived in Chicago Illinois and was married to Cora Etta White and they had three children Valeta, Hall and Clyde. George Hanes died in Waterloo, NY and is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery. Looking for family related to George and Robert. Thanks.

HANLON Jim Murphy April 16, 1998
I am tracing my family roots and believe I have ancestors from Seneca Falls. My GreatGrandmother's name was Rose (Rosa) HANLON. She was born in Ireland, ca 1847, immigration date unknown. Am looking for any HANLONS in Seneca Falls area. I believe she had a brother Mike, who owned/managed a hotel in Seneca Falls. Rose, and two infant daughters, were killed on August 10, 1887, on an excursion train to Niagra Falls, which wrecked in Chatsworth, Illinois. Supposedly second worst train wreck in U.S. history. Believe she was using cheap excursion fare to get to Seneca Falls. Any ideas.

HANRAHAN Sue Moran, April 8, 2000
Seeking any information available on my gggrandfather and family. Andrew was born abt. 1830 in Ireland and emigrated to Waterloo in the mid-1800's. He first appeared in Waterloo in the 1860 Census as a 24 year old boarder with a Vail family. His declaration of intent for citizenship filed in Seneca County is dated 4/4/1860. He had a relative in Waterloo - James Hanrahan - who was either a brother or cousin. Between 1860 and 1890 Andrew bought properties in the Waterloo area and was listed as a farmer in business directories. About 1880 he married Jane Hayes who had emigrated from Ireland to Phelps, NY in 1879. Andrew and Jane lived in Waterloo early in marriage but appear in Geneva in the 1892 NYS census. They had several children: Annie 1882, Mary 1883, James 1886, Ellen 1888, Edward 1892, Jane 1898. Family baptism records from St. Mary's Waterloo, NY list Thomas Hayes, Timothy Hayes, Margaret Hayes Hanrahan and James Hanrahan and Martin and Ellen Maloney (all of Waterloo) as sponsors. I don't know if the Hayes or Maloneys are relatives or just friends.. Andrew died in Geneva Feb. 28, 1900. Children surviving to adulthood were Mary and Ellen. Only Ellen, my gggrandmother, married and had children. Would be glad to share information
Andrew Hanrahan and his brother James, sons of Michael Hanrahan and Ann Sheehan left County Limerick, Ireland in 1849 in sailing vessel in trip of 49 days. They settled in Waterloo, Seneca County, NY.
Updated info supplied 12/30/2000 by Betty Auten, former County historian.
All of the following Hanrahans are children of James Hanrahan and Margaret Hayes of county Limerick who resettled in Waterloo in 1849.
Hanrahan, Catherine Mary mar Cornelius Joseph Mahoney 8/l/l9l7
Died Andrew Hanrahan, life res Waterloo, 7/2/1928, sur sister Mrs Thomas McKone, 3 brothers James, Lewis, Waterloo; Charles, Geneva, bur St Mary's 1915- Waterloo James Hanrahan 54, street car conductor, Louise 47, Marjorie M 21, Mildred, A 17, Richard J 9, Seneca St.
1914 Farm Directory Andy Hanrahan gardner owned 20 acres Waterloo
Business Directory BD Andrew Hanrahan 1894, Town Waterloo, born 1864, farmer, son James, Charles born 1;876, son of James born 1830, wife Margaret, farmer, 24, son Lewis born 1873
1880 Waterloo; James Hanrahan 54, farmer Margaret 45, Thomas 22, James 19, Andrew 17, john 15, William 14, Margaret 10, Louis 5, Charles 4, George 1
Mar Thomas Hanrahan 28 merchant born Waterloo son James Hanrahan and Margaret Hayes to Catherine Early 24, born Florence, dau Dennis Early and Julia OBrien, by Rev Lambert 6/16/1886, Waterloo.

HANSEN Knut Olav Ronold, May 13, 2000
Walter Hansen was born December 1897 and died November 1975. His residence at the time of his death was supposedly Willard, NY. I believe this is in Seneca Co. About 1966 he lived in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co. His mother's maiden name was presumably Hagerup. I am seeking any information about Walter and his younger brother Albert and their families. I would like to get in touch with possible descendants. I live in Norway.

HANSEN Janice Chilson Mungovan,, Dec. 20, 1999
Info needed on Benjamin F. HANSEN b. abt 1808, OH m. Mary b. abt 1809, NY. In 1860 living in Waterloo with family, listing occupation as carpenter. Benj's oldest dau, Mary Frances, m. to Gideon CHILSON with 2 children, Ida and William Alfred. By 1870, neither family found in town of Waterloo. Any bit of info greatly appreciated.

HARMON Wally Bartus February 23, 1998
I am seeking info on the Harmon family of Seneca Falls. Family was Roman Catholic. I can place them in Seneca Falls from the 1940's back into the 1800's. Specifically interested in my great grand parents, Francis (Frank) Harmon and his wife Catherine (nee Halpin). Their daughter Catherine Harmon (my maternal grandmother) was born around 1880 in Seneca Falls, I believe on May 10th.

HARPER February 18, 1999
I am looking for John HARPER Sr. b. abt. 1800 at Seneca Co., N.Y. About 1818, he married Martha at Seneca Co., N.Y. Their children were William Sr. (my ancestor), Catherine, Mary, Prudence, John Jr., Robert, Edwin and Benjamin. The family later moved to Michigan.

HART Patricia Ewers, March 1, 2000
I am searching for information on Levi Hart and his family who moved to Romulus around 1800 from Hopewell NJ. I believe Levi was a schoolteacher there. He, but not his wife, Mary, was listed in the 1810 Fed. census; he was witness to a will in 1813; he was not on the 1820 census.

HASKELL Vivian Holt, Sept. 27, 1999
Looking for information on Henry Haskell and family. Henry born abt 1791, lived in Junius, died 1844 Waterloo.
Looking for Unpublished genealogy of Jeremiah Haskell compiled by Alida Morehouse, Seneca Falls. Jeremiah born abt 1759, died Waterloo abt 1835.

HAUF Rick Damoth, July 28, 2001
Looking for information on the Hauf family.

HAUSE Joan Kidwiler, Oct. 11, 1998
John Hause 1773-1844 m Esther Ketcham, resided Hause Point western shore of Cayuga Lake, Seneca County where most of his 13 children were born 1797-1821. Family resided in Ovid, Fayette, etc townships this area. Hause children: Delebar m Sarah Burroughs; Charles m Elizabeth Young; Electa m John Williams; Augustus m Jane Jones/Fannie Christopher; Azubah; Belinda m James Updike; Alansan m Margaret VanFleet; John, II m Belinda Burtless; Caroline; Louisa; Fanny Jane m Nathan Roberts; Louisa m Gideon Wilburn; Caroline m John Gage.

HAWKINS Jan Maietta February 19, 1998
I am requesting information on the Hawkins,Clark and Alden Surnames in Seneca County. Individuals include Joseph Hawkins,Josuah Hawkins,Mary E Clark,Reuel Alden and others with these surnames. Any info for any of these surnames will be greatly appreciated.

HAYES/O'HARA/DURMIN February 20, 1998
I am attempting to gain any information on my Great-Great-Grandparents: Timothy HAYES and Mary O"HARA. They resided in Waterloo, NY Timothy died on October 5, 1907, his wife Mary on February 18, 1913. Their son, my great- Grandfather, William HAYES, was born in Waterloo in 1874. He moved to Buffalo, NY in 1895, married Mary Riley, from Niagara County(Pendleton, NY) on June 30, 1897 in Buffalo, NY Timothy and Mary also had a daughter, Ellen aka Ella, who married a man, last name DURMIN, first name unknown. They may have had a son, named Robert or Bob. Any information will be deeply appreciated.
I found out some information on my Great-Great-Grandparents: Timothy HAYES and Mary O'HARA. Received from Betty Auten, the former historian for Seneca County. Timothy and Mary were both born in Ireland. Mary O'HARA was not my Great-Great-Grandfather's first wife. Prior to the marriage Of Timothy and Mary, Timothy was married to Helen "Ellen" FULMER They had four children by the names of: John born abt. 1858: Ellen aka Ella born abt. 1861; Catharine born abt. 1863; and Timothy born abt. 1865. Helen "Ellen" FULMER HAYES passaway on March 30, 1870. According to the 1870s federal census after the death of Helen "Ellen," Timothy's father Thomas HAYES age 79 yrs old and sister age 35 were living with him. On November 11, 1870, Timothy married Mary O'HARA in ST. Mary's Church, in Waterloo, NY. Mary doesn't show up until 1870 census, at the age of 38 yrs old, living with kids: Mary age 17; Nellie age 14; John age 15; Catharine age 11; and Bridget age all born in NY. Prior to that in 1860s federal census a Patrick O'HARA show up living with kids: Mary age 6; John age 5; Ellen age 3; and Catharine age 1 yrs old. But no mention of a wife named Mary. So at this time Patrick was either Mary's husband or brother. After the marriage of Timothy and Mary. They had two sons William born in 1874 (my Great-grandfather), and Thomas born in 1877. Ellen aka Ella, daughter of Timothy HAYES and Helen "Ellen" FULMER married Thomas DURNIN on June 28, 1894, in St. Mary's Church, in Waterloo, NY. In my previous query, I spell the last name wrong, it shouldn't be Durmin. According to the 1915 NY State Census, Thomas and Ella lived at 79 Church St. in Waterloo, NY. They had three daughters, by the names of: Katherine age 18 yrs old; Marie age 14 yrs old; and Bertha age 11 yrs old. Thomas DURNIN was born in Ardee, County Louth, Ireland. Thomas and Ellen aka Ella daughter Marie on December 6, 1921, married Henry A. MCDERMOTT. Henry MCDERMOTT was born in Geneva NY (Ontario COUNTY). Any information will be deeply appreciated.

HAYWARD Arthur H. Lucia March 20, 1998
Bethuel HAYWARD,born.1759 Morris Co,N,J, Md,1780 to Temperence BROWN,1760-1809,1808 Romulus,Seneca Co,N,Y,Bethuel was the son of Shadrach and Sarah (CONDIT) HAYWARD, Bethuel was a Rev, Sld.

HENION Feb. 6, 1998
I am researching Bradford Henion (Henyon) who was born in Seneca Falls, Seneca County in 1817. I would like to know more about him and his parents.. He married a Mary Costley in 1836 by that time he was living in Iowa. I think his full name might have been William Bradford Henion. Help much needed. Thanks.

HENRY Bill Henry, July 28, 2001
Looking for any information about the following HENRY'S born in Seneca county, I do not know in what township.
Hannah Henry b, 1814
John Henry b. 1815
Harvey Henry b. 1820

HILL Jan. 5, 2000
Looking for info. on PETER HILL b. 1781-1791 in NJ. He d. March 1833 in Junius, Seneca, NY. He was m. to ELIZABETH UNK. They had NANCY HILL who was b. abt. 1803 and m. 16 Feb 1826 in Junius to MARTIN PONTIOUS . Nancy d. 16 Apr 1860

HINKLE(Y) Lou Jacobs February 9, 1998
Searching for WEED and HINKLE(Y) families in Ovid area from late 1700's to ca 1830.
Lou Jacobs,208 Riley St,Lansing,MI 48910.

HOFFMAN August. 28, 1999
Seeking information on the HOFFMAN family. John P. Hoffman was b. abt. 1839 in Varick. He married Sarah who was b. 1838. He was found in the 1860 census in Varick. Only known child is Cassius A. b. 1870 and d. 1960. He m. Sophia L. Metcalf (dau. of Thomas Metcalf and Abigail J. Ambrose). Sophia was b. 1872 and d. 1923. In the 1905 census Cassius is listed as a farmer in Varick. In the 1925 census, he is listed as working for the railroad. Any info. on this Hoffman would be appreciated.

HOLCOMB, TINGLEY Stacie Lynn Driscoll, Sept. 9, 2000
I am looking for any info on John H. Holcomb or Rebecca Tingley ( nee Holcomb ) who resided in Senecca Co prior to 1833. Any help would be apprecited greatly. Thank you.

HOLLEY, BOUGHTON John Friedell, January 19, 2000
Holley, Morris G., born 9 April 1794; died 4 April 1861. Married on 6 Feb. 1817 to Abigail Boughton, born 26 Nov. 1798; died 15 Sept. 1839.
First child was Sarah (Sally) Ann Holley, born at Ovid, Seneca County, on 20 Nov. 1817.
Don't know where Holley/Boughton came from or where they died.

HOOD Charles Paige, Personal Home Page, Sept. 27, 1999
Four brothers settled in Seneca County around the beginning of the 19th century. Their names: George Hood, William Hood, Andrew Hood, and John Hood. Most or all settled in the area of Romulus. One of these had a son James who apprenticed in Seneca County as a carpenter, then married Catherine McNelly there in 1825. The James and Catherine Hood family later migrated to Michigan in the mid-1830s. Any information on any of these Hoods, especially James, would be appreciated. (James was born in New Paltz, Ulster Co., NY.) There was a fraudulent land title situation that bilked some of the Hood brothers out of the land, what they had paid for it, and eighteen years worth of labor developing it.

HOOPER Sandra Davison, June 14, 2001
I am looking for any information on Ella Blanche Hooper thought to be born in Waterloo in 1864 or 1865.

HORN/HAUBER Betty L. Horn, Feb. 6, 1998, updated July 18, 2000
Joseph (8 Aug 1807; GR? - 7 Jul 1870; Spillville, Winneshiek Cty, IA) & Agnes (LIPP - 13 Feb 1820; GR? - 7 Feb 1880; Spillville, Winneshiek Cty, IA) HORN left Seneca Falls, NY, after the birth of their 3rd daughter (4th child), Josephine (2 Feb 1854); and marriage of their eldest daughter, Margaretha (10 May 1836-Laffelt?, Bavaria, Germany), to Joseph HAUBER (29 Apr 1825-Wurttemburg?, Germany) in Seneca Falls on 12 Mar 1854; removed in 1865 to Winneshiek County, IA. Looking for any info on HORNs, or HAUBERs.

HORTON June 14, 2001
Looking for info on Hortons from the Hector (Ovid) Mamaking area from 1786 to 1812. I have Thomas Horton and Hephsibath Taylor m 1/13/1786 had: 1Daniel b 1788 m Haddassah Stevens d 4/24/868 2Stephen b 5/29/1791 m Susannah Hyatt 3John b 9/13/1793 m Hannah Stewart d 4/7/1869 in Pulteney NY 4Jane b 1794 m Rencus Terry they had 4 kids moved to Indiana 5William b 1/7/1795 m Ann Eliza Stewart 6Elizaabeth b 1798 m Cornelius Miller 7Thomas b 6/21/1800 m Rachel Lee 8James b 1803 m 1st Elizabeth Young 2nd Arvilla Parker 9Lydia b 3/29/1807 m Noah V Mann 10Lewis Alva b 1812 m Henrietta Sager.

HOSACK March 9, 1998
My seach for data in the Seneca County area centers around Waterloo and Seneca Falls. The HOSACK family made those communities their home from approximately 1840 till the very early 1900s. Robert A. Hosack and wife, Jane P. Ely, plus six children, were residents of Seneca Falls while his brother and father lived in Waterloo. Daniel Hosack plus wife (Marie) plus at least three children were listed in the 1850 Federal Census, State of New York along with Thomas David Hosack - his father. The census of 1860 failed to list Daniel nor Thomas HOSACK ... what happened to them? I have the history on Robert A. but nothing on Daniel, his wife, Marie, their children: Elizabeth, Arthur Henry and John. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

HOTRUM Dave Naylor, Halton Hills, ON, Canada, Oct. 11, 1998
Searching for ca.1822 marriage of John S. Hotrum and Mary Salyer in Seneca co. NY. -- probably in Romulus area.
Also birth details of their children -- any HOTRUM.
John S. Hotrum was b:abt.9-Oct-1807 in NJ, and d:14-Sep-1887 in MI.
Mary Salyer was b:abt.4-Nov-1797 in NY (Seneca?), and d:4-May-1877 in MI.
Their children were born from abt.1823-1843 in Romulus, NY.
One child (b:1832) was buried in Kendaia Cemetery, Romulus, NY.
They owned part of Lot 45, Varick, NY from 1855-1858.

HOWE Betsy, August 18, 2000
Albert S. Howe b 30 Apr 1815, d. 4 July 1895 in Battle Creek MI m 27 Aug 1836 to Rachel S. Smith b 14 July 1817 d 15 nov 1871 in Battle Creek, MI.
Had the following children:
1. Edna b 20 Feb 1837, d 19 Apr 1901 m 27 Aug 1858 Allen Sears
2. James A. b 1 Jun 1839, d 14 Aug 1918, m 21 Jun 1860 M. Webster
3. Edmond L. b 27 Mar 1841, d 28 May 1857
4. Francis Augustus b. 5 Jan 1845, d 18 Jun 1912, m 17 Jun 1866 Harriett Eliza Roraback
5. Charles F. b 7 Dec 1847, d 22 May 1870
6. William H. b. 18 Aug 1849, d 18 Dec 1886, m Nov 1873 Anna Crowley
7. Moses b. 20 Apr 1852, d 24 Apr 1913 m 11 Aug 1878 Amelia Church
According to Civil War Records Francis Augustus Howe was born in Waterloo, NY. Parents and children 2-6 all died in Battle Creek, MI. Moses Howe was living in Auburn NY as of 1912. The family was first mentioned in Battle Creek in 1853. Also buried with the family in Battle Creek was a Rathbone Howe d 1860 age 70. Was he the father of Albert Howe?

HUBBARD Olive Hoffman February 9, 1998
Seeking descendants of Dr. Abijah HUBBARD, born 25 Jan 1762 Granville, Hampden, MA; died June 1826 in Junius, Seneca, NY. He may have been married twice: possibly 1st to a Wealthy (----) which I need information on; 2nd to Martha Stuart who survived him. Children: Fanny; Wealthy; John L.; Patrick; Orlando and Lerna. Information needed on his marriage(s).
Olive Hoffman; 643 Manbrin Drive NE #4; Keizer, OR 97303-4745

HUFF Mary Ellen Carson, Jan. 8, 2000
I am seeking information on NICHOLAS HUFF & his twin brother DERCK (RICHARD) HUFF, b. about 1757/1760 in Ovid, Seneca, NY. NICHOLAS's spouse was JANNETE (birth name unknown) HUFF (b. about 1760 in Ovid, Seneca, NY. I know Nicholas & Derck are descendents of BROGUN HOFF/HUFF & PAULUS DIERCKSE HOFF, but am trying to link these Huffs to a NICHOLAS B. HUFF who was born in Hunterdon,NJ in 1781/83 and married MARGARET GILES (b.1789) on 8/14/1808 in Ovid, Seneca, NY. NICHOLAS B. & MARGARET HUFF had 4 sons: DAVID C., JOHN, GEORGE & BERKLEY. BERKLEY & wife NANCY (birth name unknown) HUFF settled in North Chili, Monroe County. They were all buried in North Chili as well. If anyone can tell me who the parents of NICHOLAS B. HUFF were & how they're connected to the BROGUN HUFF family, I would be eternally grateful!!. We also seek to know the mother of the twins, NICHOLAS & DERCK HUFF as there's a question as to whether it was FRANCYNTE DUBOIS or NEELTJE VANDERBILT. My cousin & I are writing a book and desperately need ALL this information & documentation for proof. Any information at all on this family would be much appreciated & we would gladly trade extensive data we have. Thank you very much.

HUNT Stu Hunt, August 16, 2000
Alfred Dewitt Hunt. Information that I have shows that he was born in Lodi, N.Y. 12-20-1871. Do not know his parents name although have some info that says it was a Bejamin K. Hunt believed to have been born in Veron township N.J. Do not know his mothers name.

HURD John W. Cooper March 20, 1998
Am looking for Seneca Montvill HURD. He was born Feb 05, 1821. Thought to have been born in Seneca Co., NY Thanks.

ILLICK Hector Solero, Dec. 11, 1999
John Illick married Anna Maria Illick in PA circa 1828. Moved to NY where all their seven children were born. Need to verify if they were in Seneca County in 1830. Family moved to Indiana circa 1850. John Illick b Dec 30, 1801 in PA.
Thank you for any help.


JACKSON Glenys Rasmussen, Dec. 9, 2000
Looking for information on the family of James Jackson and wife Angeline who lived in Ovid, Seneca County. One known child, James W. born ca 1805, possible others could be David M. Jackson bn 1814 and Angeline. Would appreciate any assistance with this family.

JACOBY Mary Frances Belton February 9, 1998
Seeking information on John F. Jacoby to whom I believe he was married to Sally Ann Shankwiler and would like confirmation or information. List of their children found in DB 90 p. 37, 3 Feb 1877, Seneca Co., Court Records as follows: my g-g grandfather Reuben B. JACOBY (1814-1898), John JACOBY (Goram, OH), George JACOBY (Fulton, OH), Elizabeth JACOBY BURROUGHS (wife of Carlton Burroughs) Seneca Co, Rebecca JACOBY GAMBEE (Melvin, OH), Catherine JACOTY MOYER (Suspension Bridge, NU, Co of Niagra, NY) and Andrew J. JACOBY (Denver City, MT).

JACOBY Mary Frances Belton February 9, 1998
Looking for Jacoby relatives who are related to the following: Reuben B. JACOBY (1814-1898), Samuel Lay JACOBY, Peru JACOBY, James JACOBY, Lester JACOBY, Dana A. JACOBY, James Morehouse JACOBY, Eva L. JACOBY WEBSTER, Maynard W. JACOBY, Stowell C. JACOBY, Burham JACOBY, Evelyn JACOBY CANNE, John JACOBY, George JACOBY, Elizabeth JACOBY BURROUGHS, Catherine JACOBY MOYER, Rebecca JACOBY GAMBEE, Andrew J. JACOBY, Alyce (Alice) May JACOBY BRYDE.

JEFFERY Frank Jeffrey, July 18, 1998
I am researching James Jeffery who appears first in the 1820 census and also in the 1870 census. I am tring to find his descendants names, dates and information especially those prior to 1840. Thank you.

JENKS Linda, April 30, 2000
I am researching the family of Ananias JENKS the son of Anthony, who resided in Fayette and Seneca Falls from 1830-about 1860. Ananias mar Lucy WEBB and they had the following children: Adeline, Elvira, Amanda, Amelia, Augustus and Judson. I believe Ananias died in Seneca Falls but I need help finding out for sure. Thank you.

JENKS Martha J. Stead, April 11, 1999
I am attempting to find out information about Sarah Jenks of Seneca Falls. She married Benjamin Felix Stead in the 1830's or 1840's.Members of my husband's family believe there might be a link to Amelia Bloomer, whose maiden name was Jenks.

JENNINGS Merlyn Hollomon Whiting, May 24, 1998
This is info I have on my ggggparents: Pliney Jennings B. 26 June 1793 in Cornwall, Ct. His wife Mary Marsh B. 8 March 1799 in Litchfield Co. Ct. They M. 12 jan. 1815. where unknown. They moved to Danby, Tompkins Co. N.Y. where two children that I know of were born. My gggf John Ira Jennings B. July 1815 went by stage to Macon , Bibb Co. Georgia in 1834 where he lived the rest of his life and died in 1903. His sister Sarah Saphronia B. 1818. M. Benjamin Kellogg in Geneve, Seneca Co. N.Y. They moved to Michigan. I believe Mary died in Seneca Co.. Would like to know if anyone knows of other children or descendants.Am also trying to find Pliney and Mary's parents. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who know anything about these families.

Jodeit, Gallagher, Friske, Naracong
I have a webpage : [NOTE: this website is no longer in existence, but the email address is as good as of 2011.]
any queries are welcome
My family(paternal) came to this area approx. 1930
My maternal family came to this area approx. 1940
Gilbert D. Jodeit, 1629 Rte. 318, Waterloo, Seneca Co., NY 13165

JOHNSON Kim Vigil February 19, 1998
Looking for information about the JOHNSON or HOGARTH familys living in Romulus township circa 1840. Joseph JOHNSON(born 1799 in NY) married Clarrisa HOGARTH(born 5/17/1804 in Ovid) 11/18/1823, in Seneca County, NY. Had son Bradner JOHNSON who married Elizabeth Anna KNOWLES. Bradner owned property in Fayette, NY.

JOHNSON August 31, 2000
JOHNSON, Seeley, born Sept. 10, 1827 in Seneca County. I am a descendent who is looking for birth and death information for his parents. His father's name was Thompson L. Johnson.

JOHNSON Kathy Jost Shouse, June 15, 1998, e-mail address updated March 30, 2006
Looking for information on the Johnson family who lived in Seneca County about 1835. My gg-grandfather's name was William Henry Johnson. The family story is that Williams parents were killed and that he was left to live with relatives who mistreated him. He stowed away on a barge owned by Arent Stevens, traveling the Erie Canal ending up in Albany County. Arent Stevens brought him up as his own son. William's name has been recordedboth as William Henry Johnson and James H. Johnson.

JOLLY Larry Carver,
I am a high school science teacher with the Akron Public Schools. I am doing some research on Mormon families from the Fayette area that migrated to Ohio and I would appreciate any assistance on the Jolly family. I have located William and Elizabeth's graves in Parkman, Ohio along with their son, Vincent. Also, the location of their farm house. (I live close to Hiram, Ohio where many early members stayed with John Johnson.) any info you have would be appreciated and I may have info you would like, as well. Thank-you.

JOLLY August 28, 1999 Additional query posted Jan. 5, 2000
Seeking information on the JOLLY family of Seneca County. Fred Jolly b. 1867 in West Fayette m. Cora Alice Lahr. Fred died 10 Jan. 1938. Cora Alice was b. 07 May 1869, the dau. of William Henry Lahr and Perninah Pontious. Fred Jolly was the son of Issac Jolly b. 1831 d. bef. 1915. He married Rebecca Leddick who was b. 1834 and d. bef 1915. Besides son Fred there may have been a dau. Rebecca who died at 11 yrs. of age. The 1915 census shows Rebecca Leddick as head of household living in West Fayette.

Information needed on this JOLLY family. WILLIAM JOLLY b. abt 1803, Pa. d. 27 Mar 1858, Fayette, NY. He m. EMILY OUSTEN who was also b. in Pa. Was WILLIAM the child of JOHN JOLLY who was reported to have lived to be abt. 103 yrs. old. He was b. in Pa. and d in Fayette bet. 1820-1830.

JOY Sarah Thorsen, March 13, 1999
Seeking information on Arad Joy of Ovid.


KEECH Dan Touse, Jan. 17, 1999
Seek any info on Keech family residing at Waterloo, 1850.

KEIM Cindy Kimes, February 20, 1998
Looking for information and descendants of Christian KIME who was the son of Anna Marie and Conrad KEIM and married (1) Anna Margaret MENGES. They lived in Northumberland, Berks Co, PA until about 1812 when they moved to Fayette, Seneca Co, NY and operated a hotel on Seneca Lake in western New York State. They were the parents of Catharine who married George Gouger, Peter who married Nancy Leggett, Elizabeth aho married Jacob Baird, John who married Sarah Perry then Margaret Jolly, William, Margaret who married John Lambert, Mary who married Peter BOOKMAN, twins David and Jacob KIME, and Benjamin Franklin Kime who married Mary Menges DIMM. He married (2) Elizabeth KUNEY, who was born about 1787 and died 02 February 1871 in Norwalk, Huron Co, OH.
Also known as John Christian KIME, he was born 27 May 1769 in Oley, Berks Co., PA and died 31 December 1855 in Seneca Co, NY. Anna Margaret who was born 02 February 1767 in Muncy, Lycoming Co, PA and died in Seneca Co, NY on 12 May 1834.
Many descendants moved to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.

KELLEY Diane Andreasen, February 23, 1999
Searching for the family of Benjamin KELLEY b c 1772 NY m Mary HOEL b NY early 1800's. They had a dau. E. Mahala 1808 in Ithaca. They may have had other children there before that date. The migrated to Wayne Co., PA by 1822. The family were said to be very active Presbyterians and 2 KELLEY families (James and Robert) are mentioned re Springfield Cherry Valley church.
UPDATED QUERY, March 24, 2006, new e-mail address
Searching for the family of Benjamin KELLEY b c 1772 NY m Mary HOEL b NY early 1800's. They had a dau. E. Mahala 1808 in Ithaca. They may have had other children there before that date. They migrated to Wayne Co., PA by 1822. Benjamin was a tanner in PA. The family were said to be very active Presbyterians. 1810 US Census Ovid, Seneca Co., NY show a Benjamin Kelley in the correct age range.
Willing to share what info I have.

KELLY Beth, August 18, 2000
Looking for info on Charles Kelly born in Waterloo 1859 and Susan Cady born in Canoga in 1869. Would like parents names,dates and marriage dates.
Thank you.

KELLY Bruce Kelly February 19, 1998
Looking for other descendants of Charles KELLY, born August 30, 1769 in New Jersey. He married Cornelia GOLTRA December 19, 1787 near Morristown New Jersey. She was born September 6, 1769 probably near the same place. They had 12 children, viz., Mary, Joseph C., Benjamin, Thomas (died), John C., Hannah, Lydia, William C., David Charles, Charles, Steven B., and Mehitable. Charles and Cornelia moved to Kelly's Corner's, Seneca County, New York around 1800. I believe that many of them are actually buried there. Charles parents were David KELLY and Mary CUNNINGHAM KELLY of Somerset County, New Jersey. I have much information and many contacts and could be a lot of help to anyone who is interested in this line.
Sincerely, Bruce A. KELLY, 1021 2nd Street, Boone, Iowa 50036

KELLY Dan Touse February 9, 1998
Seek anc/desc of James KELLY, b @ 1795, Co Louth ?, Ire; m Catherine _____, b 1797, Co Louth ?, Ire; had dau Margaret - 1822, who m 3May 1839, Michael Carroll; perhaps others; Kellys came with Carrolls 1841 to Ovid, Seneca Co, NY; James prob d 1850- 1860; Catherinie later moved in w/dau Margaret Kelly Carroll Pepper & was still living there 1880. Where are they bur? Any info helpful.

KELLY Merritt Woznick, April 28, 2001
John KELLY (ca 1885) was born and raised in Waterloo, NY; parents unknown.
He m. Helen SHARP (1889-1968) and had 11 children. They split up and the children were divided into foster homes throughout the Finger Lakes area. I'd like to find out more about John KELLY's family.

KENNELL Bonnie Grant February 19, 1998
Susan Ann KENNELL born abt 1838 in Seneca Co. NY. She married George Washington REYNOLDS in Walworth Co. Wisconsin on 10 March 1859. George was born in Cattaraugus Co. NY abt 1834. Any information on the parents of these people will be appreciated.

KEYES Ronald L. Kyes, May 24, 1998
Looking for any information (parents, etc) regarding Moses KEYES b.1814 in Fayette Twp. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

KIDDER Vicki Reynolds Mazur March 28, 1998
Researching KIDDER family from Kidder's Ferry, Seneca Co, NY
Abel Kidder died 1831 in Kidder's Ferry m Amy BRIGGS
son James (1768-1850) m Jennett MCCALL who d Kidders Ferry 1827
daughter Abigail Comstock KIDDER b 1795 Kidders Ferry d 1848 Kidders Ferry m Amos GOODWIN d 1862 Kidders Ferry
Would love to exchange info on any of these persons.

KING Edith King Barr March 9, 1998
I am searching for information on Ebenezer King, son of Nathaniel. Ebenezerwas born 1782 in Dutchess County and came to Seneca County with his parents in 1795 and Nathaniel purchased 600 acres of Military land that became known as Kingtown. Ebenezer married Elizabeth(Betsy) Jacock. I cannot find any information on either of them after 1830 and suspect they may have died. I would like to find out where they are buried. Thanks for any information you can give me.

KIRKPATRICK Judith Rice, Jan. 17, 1999
(1860s -Halls, NY) Searching KIRKPATRICK family who migrated from Scotland to Halls, Seneca Co. 1860s. Jane Oughterson KIRKPATRICK (b? - d 6 Jul 1884.) Buried #9 Cemetery, Halls, NY.) Migrated with children Alexander and Mary. Son Hugh and family joined in 1869. Any information would be appreciated. Cemetery lookup desired. Many thanks.

KNAUSE Roger Busch, January 21, 2001
I am researching Mary KNAUSE who was born about 1836 in Seneca Co , as were her sister Elizabeth (1838) and brother Benjamin Franklin (1843). Parents were Benjamin and Elizabeth KNAUSE. Does anyone have a link or suggestions on next steps to find documentation of her birth based on this info, which is all I have now.

KNIFFEN Joyce K. Nickless, 34830 N. Riverview Dr. Paw Paw, MI 49079, March 22, 1999, updated June 7, 2000
I am looking for information about the KNIFFEN/KNIFFIN and FOWLE families who lived in Seneca County in the early 1800's. My great grandfather was Isaac Leander Kniffen born 1815 in NY and my great grandmother was Elizabeth "Liza" Teresa Fowle born about 1820 in NY. They were both raised in Seneca Co. They were probably married about 1837-1838. They moved to Lenawee Co., Michigan in 1841. Isaac Kniffen's parents were born in Vermont and Liza's father was born in England and her mother was born in Vermont. I am searching for the names of Isaac and Liza's parents and siblings. Thanks for any help.

KNOX Tom Gillett, May 24, 1998
Looking for information about Jacob KNOX and his family who were living in Waterloo, farming, in 1800-1820. Jacob was known as "Squire Knox." He had at least three children--David, Charles and Jacob. Family moved to MI around 1820, first to what is now the Detroit area then to Kalamazoo/St.Joseph Counties.

KUCHLIN Albert Fults, January 21, 2001
I hope you can help me some. I am looking for the husbband of Louise Kuchlin. When I pulled up the social security files from ancestry, it shows 14588 Willard, Seneca, NY. When I sent for her SS application, it shows Geneva NY. It has her date of birth as 5-17-77 (1877). The date of application was 3-26-66 (1966). At the bottom is UNK SWAYSLAND, MORRISTOWN, NJ. I am assuming her and her husband lived in Geneva before 1966 but have really lhit a wall. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

KUNEY Mary Frances Belton February 9, 1998
Searching for parents of my great-great grandfather George J. KUNEY (1827-1909) married to Mary E. SMITH. I believe his mother was Mary Ann Pratz (?) and his father may have been a John F. KUNEY. Looking for confirmation of that fact. I believe John KUNEY and Mary Ann (Pratz ?) Kuney had the following children: George J. KUNEY, Frederick KUNEY m. Eliza SMITH, Philip KUNEY, Betsy Kuney MOYER, wife of Isaac Moyer, Mary Ann Kuney MILLER w. of Leonard MILLER, Angeline Kuney THAYER w of John S. THAYER.

KUNEY Mary Frances Belton February 9, 1998
Need confirmation that George J. KUNEY and Mary E. SMITH had the following children: my g-grandfather George Washington KUNEY (B 1877 OR 1879 D 5/13/1903) married to Maude May (Mae) POUND (B 5/13/1882-D 6/14/1954); Elisha (?); Martha Huff (Mrs. Elmer Huff or Hoff); Samuel KUNEY.

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