of the
Trustees, Instructors and Students
Ovid Academy
For the Year Ending August, 1854

Source: "Catalogue of the Trustees, Instructors and Students of Ovid Academy For the Year Ending August, 1854." Prince, Orton & Miller. Booksellers and Stationers: Geneva, N.Y. 1854


Mahalon Bainbridge, Romulus
Abraham Barnum, Scotts Corners
Romine Barnum, Scotts Corners
Weed Barnum, Scotts Corners
John Baley, Milo
Archelaus Banker, Ovid
James Barry, Scotts Corners
Joseph Barry, Scotts Corners
Ebenezer S. Bartlett, Romulus
George D. Bodine, Ovid
James C. Bodine, Romulus
George E. Bonner, Ovid
Samuel Bonner, Ovid
Alvan Bradley, Covert
Austin Bradley, Scotts Corners
Stephen C. Brown, Ovid
Augustus Blauvelt, Farmerville
John I. Blauvelt, Farmerville
David Caywood, Ovid
Josiah B. Chapman, Romulus
Albert R. Clarke, Ovid
Joseph Cornell, Ovid
Darwin Covert, Ovid
Elbert N. Donaldson, Ovid
James P. Donaldson, Ovid
T. Sandford Doolittle, New York
E. Kinne Dunlap, Ovid
Orin Dunlap, Ovid
Sidney Dunlap, Ovid
Benjamin N. Eastman, Ovid
William L. Eastman, Ovid
George R. Ellis, Ovid
DeVoor Fairchild, Ovid
Asa G. Folwell, Romulus
M. Bainbridge Folwell, Romulus
William R. Folwell, Romulus
William W. Folwell, Romulus
Eli C. Foot, Trumansburg
James C. Foster, Ovid
Henry Fuller, Seneca Falls
Thaddeus W. Gorton, Corning
J. Sandford Graves, Milwaukee, Wis.
George L. Harris, Sheldrake
James A. Herron, Ovid
Ralph S. Henry, Ovid
Harmoa Hogoboom, Honeoye Falls
George W. Jacaks, Romulus
George I. Jackson, Ovid
Isaac Jacobus, Romulus
Hiram Johnson, Romulus
Silas Kinne, Romulus
Daniel Lane, Romulus
John L. Leonard, Ovid
Thomas R. Lousbury, Ovid
Oscar F. Miller, Lodi
Henry O. Montague, Scotts Corners
John L. Morris, Auburn
Andrew S. Morehouse, Hector
Edward H. Neal, Sheldrake
Charles A. Northup, Elmira
Alvah P. Osborne, Trumansburg
Samuel Reed, Ovid
John Riley, Ovid
Charles Rising, Romulus
Williard S. Rising, Romulus
Edward P. Sabin, Romulus
John W. Sabin, Romulus
Jared Sandford, Ovid
Montgomeory S. Sandford, Ovid
Albert N. Sebring, Ovid
Arad J. Sebring, Ovid
William H. Seeley, Ovid
Walter Scott, Scotts Corners
George T. Simmons, Vestal
Henry B. Smith, Ovid
Oscar G. Smith, Waterloo
George Steele, Romulus
Anderson Stout, Romulus
Peter F. Stull, Ovid
Artemas Sutton, Romulus
Coe S. Sutton, Romulus
Minor Swick, Lodi
Alfred Townsend, Lodi
Gilbert Townsend, Lodi
Water Townsend, Romulus
Emory P. Vosburgh, Lima
Edward A. Trowbridge, Waterbury
John I. Warne, Ovid
Charles Waring, Canoga
Montgomery Weaver, Ovid
Almon H. Wilson, Ovid
James H. Wilson, Ovid
Lorenzo S. Wilson, Ovid
Albert S. Wilson, Fairchild, Mich.
D.G. Wilson, Fairchild, Mich.
Francis Wilson, Ovid
James Wyckoff, Lodi
Benjamin D. Woodruff, Urbana


Eliza Bainbridge, Romulus
Sarah C. Bainbridge, Romulus
Caroline H. Barker, Hector
Margaret Banker, Ovid
Mary J. Bartlett, Romulus
Eliza A. Bartlett, Romulus
Hannah H. Barry, Scotts Corners
Lacettia A. Blain, Romulus
Hannah R. Blain, Romulus
Cynthia Bloomer, Romulus
Mary Bloomer, Ovid
Sarah F. Blackwell, Ovid
Ada Bodine, Ovid
Augusta C. Bodine, Romulus
Angelina S. Bodine, Ovid
Lodieska M. Bryant, Romulus
Phebe Burrows, Varick
Polly Ann Case, Lodi
Ann M. Chapman, Romulus
Susan Chapman, Romulus
Sarah Chapman, Romulus
Mary P. Clark, Windham, Conn.
Sybil Clark, Hector
Sara E. Coan, Ovid
Mary E. Coan, Ovid
Mary E. Cornell, Ovid
Lufanna K. Covert, Romulus
Augusta Covert, Ovid
Hanna Denton, Romulus
Cynthia A. Disbrow, Lodi
Janet M.C. Doig, Ovid
Anna Donaldson, Ovid
Jennie Donaldson, Ovid
Mary S. Donaldson, Ovid
Phebe Dunlap, Poultney
Jennie Dunlap, Ovid
Delia S. Dunnett, Ovid
Hannah D. Eastman, Ovid
Frances E. Fairchild, Ovid
Ida T. Folwell, Romulus
Jennie D. Folwell, Romulus
Kate Louise Folwell, Romulus
Eliza V. Furman, Romulus
Mary J. Furman, Romulus
Mary E. Gibbs, Ovid
Elizabeth Gray, Ovid
Jane Green, Ovid
Martha E. Hayt, Ovid
Cordelia Henry, Ovid
Catherine E. Hoagland, Romulus
Mary E. Hoskins, Corning
Sarah M. Hunt, Romulus
Mary J. Jones, Ovid
Susan Johnson, Romulus
Caroline C. Johnson, Romulus
Emily A. Johnson, Romulus
Mary J. Johnson, Romulus
Helen Johnson, Romulus
Sarah E. Johnstone, Ovid
Nancy W. Kelly, Lodi
Desia Kinne, Romulus
Mary H. Kinne, Romulus
Sarah F. Kinne, Romulus
Sarah W. Kinne, Romulus
Sarah Leonard, Ovid
Sarah B. Leonard, Ovid
Mary T. Leonard, Ovid
Caroline Lounsbury, Ovid
Catherine E. Morehouse, Burdett
Sarah Mandeville, Canoga
Nancy Parker, Romulus
Cornelia E. Reed, Ovid
Rebecca A. Salyer, Varick
Emma Sandford, Ovid
Emily A. Sherwood, Canton, Ill.
Mary L. Sherwood, Canton, Ill.
Helen M. Smith, Sheldrake
Catherine J. Spencer, Cortlandville
Evelina Stottle, Varick
Mary Helen Sutton, Romulus
Frances A. Swan, Romulusville
Sarah M. Terril, Lodi
Sarah E. Tuttle, Ovid
Avahaline H. Tyler, Jefferson
Helen M. VanCourt, Ovid
Mary Ella VanDoren, Ovid
Clarissa VanVleet, Romulus
Elizabeth E. Voorhees, Ovid
Mary H. Weaver, Ovid
Mary E. Whitney, Chicago, Ill.
Eliza Wilkinson, Reed, Ohio
Ann M. Wilson, Romulus
Cornelia J. Wilson, Ovid
Julia M. Wilson, Ovid
Mary C. Wilson, Ovid
Mary N. Wilson, Ovid
Sarah E. Wilson, Ovid
Catherine L. Wilcox, Romulus
Caroline E. Wyckoff, Varick
Elizabeth M. Young, Ovid


Arad Joy, Esq., President
Gen. Halsey Sandford, Secretary
James Ferguson, Esq., Treasurer

John L. Eastman, M.D.
Peter Doig, Esq.
Hon. John E. Seeley
Hugh Chapman, Esq.
Rev. F.G. Hibbard
N.P. Ellis, Esq.
John I. Cornell, Esq.
Andrew Dunlap, Esq.
Silas M. Kinne, Esq.
Alfred Bolter, M.D.
Rev. Benjamin Hale, D.D.
William W. Sutton, Esq.
Elijah Denton, Esq.
Rev. William Hogarth
Hon. David D. Scott
Charles A. Gibbs, Esq.
Rev. Isaac Fargo
Rev. Benjamin F. Tefft, D.D., LL.D.
Amasa J. Furman, Esq.
Rev. Laurentine Hamilton
Stephen Johnson, Esq.


Rev. Amos Brown, M.A., Principal
Teacher of Mental and Moral Philosophy

Edwin Pierce, B.A.
Teacher of Latin and Greek

George B. Vose, B.A.
Teacher of Mathematics

William H. Brewer, B.Ph.
Teacher and Lecturer on Agriculture, Chemistry and Philosophy

Miss Isabella Mead, Assistant Principal
Teacher of French, History, &c.

Miss Angelina Jameson
Teacher on Piano Forte

Miss Mary L. Donaldson

Assistant - Spring Term

This Institution was incorporated, under the name of Ovid Academy, in the year 1826, and was opened to pupils, for the first time, in 1827.

Of its Instructors, there have been persons of much moral and intellectual worth, and persons accomplished in their profession.

The number connected with the school as pupils, since its commencement, is large, among which are individuals now of eminence and extensive influence.

Two years ago, the school having greatly declined under its former system of arrangements, having indeed nearly come to a stand still, it was resolved by the Trustees to commence operations anew - on a plan greatly enlarged - and with the purpose of securing the following results: 1st, System and thoroughness of instruction by a suitable division of labor among Teachers; 2d, Increased attention to the subject of Agricultural Education; * 3, Increased facilities for the training of Teachers of District Schools; 4, a more enlarged, yet appropriate course of instruction for Females.

* One of the Teachers, Mr. Brewer, devotes his entire attention to General and Agricultural Chemistry, and branches kindred to them.

The Trustees were stimulated to this from consideration of duty. Society, in this country, has undergone important changes, and persons are now judged by new and more elevated standards.

The qualifications for the discharge of business claims, and for a respectable standing with others, have been much increased. Methods of instruction have been greatly modified. Western New York, moreover, the place of their operations, is rich in resources, and populous, and is hereafter, for a long time, destined to advance in an increased ratio, both in wealth and in numbers.

In completion of their plan, the Trustees caused to be raised, by subscriptions, the sum of $800 a year, for five years, to be expended in support of a Professor of Agricultural Chemistry, and they are at present making exertions to raise funds for the erection of additional buildings.

The existing Academy building, which is large and commodious, is to be more thoroughly repaired, and additions are to be made to it, which it is estimated will cost from $10,000 to $12,000. This service is now in progress, and when completed, it will eventuate in a large Hall, arranged for lectures, &c., and in a substantially made, convenient and pleasant Boarding-House, large enough for eighty Young Ladies, and the Female Teachers of the school. The new edifice is to be one hundred and two feet long, forty wide, and four stories high. It is to be made of brick.

This school is arranged in four Departments, which are called Preparatory, Junior, Senior and Classical, and will be permanently under the direction of not less than seven Teachers, four Gentlemen and three Ladies.

[Following this are listings of text books required for each course of study. Different courses were taken each term. Each Academic Term was 14 weeks long, commencing in September, January and April. Students were to be 14 years of age or older and furnish testimonials as to their good moral character before admission. Tuition was paid fully at the beginning of each term. Although students were required to attend church regularly, "As the guardians of a public school, we do not feel ourselves called upon to explain the technicalities of Theology, nor to enforce the doctrines and creed of any one of the different sects of professing Christians."]


Tuition in the Preparatory Department, is $4.00 a term, $12.00 a year; in the Junior, $6.00 a term, $18.00 a year; in the Senior and Classical, $7.00 a term, $21.00 a year.

Charges for instruction on the Piano-Forte, is $10.00 a quarter, $40.00 a year; for instruction in French, German, Drawing, &c. it is $4.00 a term.

Board can be had in private families from $1.75 to $2.00 a week; and persons wishing to board themselves in clubs or otherwise, may find rooms at reasonable prices.

Pupils entering this school from one year at least, may, by paying tuiiton strictly in advance for a full year, have their expenses of travel to the school deducted from their bills.


Belonging to this school is a Library of about 500 volumes, and a Chemical and Philosophical Apparatus, worth about $600.


The village of Ovid, containing a population of nearly eight hundred, adorned by the Court House and other public edifices, is situated on the highlands, between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes, three miles from Seneca, and six from the Cayuga, and six hundred feet above them. The steamboats, which pass on each of them, are distinctly seen from it; and its appearance, as seen from the Lakes, is uncommonly picturesque and pleasing.

The waters of Seneca Lake never freeze, and steamboats passing between Geneva and Jefferson, stop at Ovid Landing twice each day, the Sabbath excepted, throughout the year.

Steamboats run also daily from Ithaca to Cayuga Bridge, on Cayuga Lake, and stop both on their down and return trips at the Landing in this town. Carriages, with good teams are in waiting always at these Landings, to take persons to their place of destination.

[Note: all spellings are exactly as given in the original catalog.]

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